Footsteps For Freedom

The Magic Journey to Wholistic Sovereignty

cool “I want to break free…
I want to break free from your lies,
You’re so self satisfied I don’t need you,
I’ve got to break free,
God knows, God knows I want to break free….” cool


Do you also long to break free?

We now live in a world of…

  • Heavy censorship and loss of freedom of speech
  • Travel restrictions and border closures
  • Crazy Lockdowns and family separations
  • Forced tests and masks
  • Huge division, betrayal and denunciation
  • High risk of mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports
  • Small and medium business closures and bankruptcies


How can this be possible in democratic countries?
Are we as free as we think we are?
What is hidden, often in plain sight?
What is it we don’t see and know?
How can we shift what we are not even conscious of?

We have been programmed for centuries without our knowledge and consent.  Our lives are entwined with the State systems that govern us on many different levels: thoughts, actions, body, beliefs etc. We accept their contracts and agendas without question and unconsciously feed a vicious cycle.

We don’t really know what it is like to be sovereign and free as we have always unknowingly been treated as slaves.

We are often clueless of the hidden occult nature, secret agendas and mysteries. It can blow our minds when we realize how many simple solutions and tools can cause xtraordinary changes in our lives.


It’s time to claim our power and free ourselves from the chains of the past.

Order our Free book of Freedom to learn about the many ways we are deceived and hijacked. Available early March

kiss“If you want my future forget my past.
If you wanna get with me better make it fast.
Now don’t go wasting my precious time.
Get your act together, we could be just fine.

 I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want.
So, tell me what you want, what you really really want.”kiss
  -Spice Girls


Is this something you want…

  • To be debt free and have financial freedom with ease?
  • To have good health and thriving well being?
  • To get out of the rat race?
  • The power to run and be in charge of your own life?
  • Do what you like when you want?

Do you want to go deeper with us?

Footsteps for Freedom welcomes you

Footsteps for Freedom is a 13 moon journey – where we get out of the control matrix into the magical journey of Wholistic Sovereignty

As we …

  • Know & Learn: Focus on the lies of history, how we’ve got to where we are and the wisdom to change it
  • Purify & Clear: Xplore ways to purify and clear old trauma and blocks in all areas of life.
  • Shift & Transform: Xperience and transmute to step on new paths.
  • Claim & Transcend: Stand and live as free, brave and sovereign nations.

This full year journey up grades all levels of life:

  • More energy
  • Clarity of thought
  • New beliefs
  • Augmented health
  • Strong body
  • Great relations
  • Passionate creativity
  • Courage to act
  • And more
Tree of footprints

From this space of new consciousness we change our reality to be sovereign and free – our divine birth right.

 What does it take to be Sovereign and Free?

Freedom from the state is like the dissolve of a marriage, it’s so much more than paperwork. It takes energy to discover the levels of entanglement, to make new beliefs and take new actions, to set up a new life.

This is very difficult to do alone! Support of others who have already been on the journey for some time can be what makes the difference whether you make it or break it.  Let us take your hand as you navigate the rough waters to a new land within you, where you can thrive.

Together we take a wholistic approach into multidimensional energy mastery. We change our words and actions to co-create a new reality.  Footsteps for Freedom is the journey to be sovereign and free in all parts of life.

Footsteps for Freedom – a unique and one of the kind journey – for those who are serious about taking their power back. Who are tired of playing it small and ready to do what it takes to step into their true potential, freedom and sovereignty. This is not for the fainted hearts, but for those who feel they do not have a choice – this is their destiny and next step to embark on – to live fully and wholy.

Footsteps for Freedom is a journey to a new way of being.  It takes commitment, acceptance, ability-to-respond [responsibility], courageous steps, energy and investments for a xpanded, xtraordinary, xperience of life.


 Together we xplore, get new knowledge, powerful tools and practices.

We correct our status and standing from slave to living free wo-/man through specific documents. We own this new status when we stand in our unfuckwithable power.

  • Get to know the tools, documents and contracts the state use to keep us trapped without our knowledge and consent. Such as…
    • The power of your birth certificate.
    • Own your ‘Strawman’.
    • Know the difference between public and private.
  • Comprehend how the systems work and lawfully claim your freedom.
  • Practice quantum grammar, speech and written word to support your freedom and sovereignty.
  • Use common law, universal laws, contracts law and ancient merchant law.
  • Learn and practice how to be present, safe and sovereign when you communicate with so called authorities.
  • How to create/obtain tools* and documents* to protect your freedom as a sovereign. Such as …
    • Live life Claim
    • See Pass
    • World Passport

*Documents for  Sovereignty and services are optional and available at an extra charge.
*Additional reading materials, supplements and tools are optional and for you to source.


This bold new status requires a new physical vibration of the body, as well as a new mindset. This is why the journey includes…

  • Nurture your health and purify your body, mind and soul.
  • Merge the different life perspectives and be whole.
  • Access your Divine DNA codes – to spark up your super powers and true potentials.
  • Co-create the world you want to live in where we all thrive.
  • And much more…

Footsteps for Freedom

The Magic Journey to Wholistic Sovereignty

13 Moons of value and content through …

  • Small group circles to share and get support.
  • 13 live Q&A via zoom
  • videos
  • webinars
  • documents
  • practices
  • tools

At the end of this 13 moon journey…

We don’t know where we will be! We know you will be transformed if you do what it takes.

As we have never been at this point in history, there are so many unknowns and things are changing by the day. How can anyone claim, he or she has the answers and exacts steps of how the future will unfold?

At Wholyland together we have 187 years of experience, but we can’t promise that we
have all the answers because the world has never been in this situation before.

We are all pioneers who together journey through the rough waters of these times to explore new lands and what it really means to be soverign and free.

Freedom is not security, or safety and it’s not a tangible result at the end of this journey.

However we promise to be:

  • Honest and authentic
  • Open and vulnerable
  • Do our best and walk our talk
  • Share our knowledge and wisdom
  • Tailor the content to your needs

Together we will…

  • Be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best
  • Make the unknown known
  • Make the uncomfortable comfortable
  • Xplore new horizons and possibilities
  • Stand as pioneers and leaders of the future we want to see

The first course is now under way.

Future dates and pricing will be added shortly.

Who are the team for this journey into Freedom and Sovereignty?

The Wholyland Council will bring their broad and diverse knowledge to this magical journey.

We share our passion about Freedom and Sovereignty with a desire to make the world a place where we all live and thrive.

Together we have 187 years of experience in this lifetime of conscious steps to move out of the matrix into freedom.

:Oliver & :Tora: Silverhøj.

How does Freedom and Sovereignty xpress itself in our family?

When we do what we love, whenever we like to, with those we love.

When we met in 2001, we had our university degrees – Oliver as a chemical engineer and Tora in psychology and education. We did try to play the game of “normal” in the rat race. Tora worked as senior lecturer at a University College of Nutrition and Health. Oliver as a self-employed leadership coach and career consultant. Our kids were in kindergarten and at school. On the outside – just like everyone else…. But it triggered depression and fibromyalgia for Tora, PTSD for Oliver. We had to step up and follow our hearts and passions. We moved to Costa Rica in 2014 and from there our dream lives have unfolded in ways we couldn’t even dream of. Now;

• We work with energies to live our true potentials and claim our superpowers.
We tailor our days to have as much harmony, magic, love, xpansion, passion, health and freedom as we can.
We create work around our passions such as our podcast, wholyland memberhood and writing books.
• We do energy work on stargates, sacred sites and spark our DNA – so everything is possible in our reality.
• We travel a lot and world school our 3 children so they can xperience the world – not read about it.
• We do not care what others say is possible or not. We choose to live our lives as we like it to be. We bend the rules of status quo. That is how the name of our podcast came about – that others often say what we do is not possible. Hence, we live the impossible! 😉
• We have very little stress, much time and freedom in our everyday lives.
• Our children say they feel we have more joy, laughter and happiness in our family compared to most due to our lifestyle.

:Pam: Lob.

Freedom to be me and to follow my heart has always been a big part of who I am.  My first taste of freedom was when I left home age 17 to train as a nurse

In 2004 I realised what loss of freedom really meant.  My husband was diagnosed with leukaemia and spent months in a 10 feet square room. I got to escape everyday, but still was effected by the loss of freedom. After his death in 2005, care of my children and dealing with grief was a priority.

Once the children became independent I was free to fulfil my love of travel and learning. In 2019 I spent 2 months in Australia and 2 months in the USA. Road trips where I could just wonder and follow my heart each day were a big part of the adventure. If I had work to do I would do it first thing or in the evening.

Even when I’m at home, I plan a lot of my day around the weather if I’m not on zoom calls, so I can make the most of the sun (I live in the UK) when it does shine!

Over the last 10 years I’ve transformed my own health and wellbeing on every level and my passion is sharing what I’ve learnt. I wouldn’t say I work, as what I do brings me great joy and satisfaction and is just part of who I am.

:Henrik-Kromann: Jensen.

The journey towards freedom and sovereignty is one of commitment, acceptance, ability-to-respond [responsibility], courageous steps, significant workloads, efforts, study, and investments for a promise of a better xperience of life.

I recall my own journey quite well, and my pre-state after 3 decades on the path. I thought I knew it all,  but I was nowhere ready for what I met.

A powerful and simple practical solution to a huge persistant burden of hardship,  with very simple tools everyone already know from daily life.

I was clueless of a solution so simple and clueless to the hidden occult nature of secrets and simple tools wielding them in a proper easy manner cloud cause such with changes, was just a mindboggling xperience to realize.

:Beate: Heinkel.

My search for freedom had an early onset in my life. I broke the paternal rules from the
beginning. Unconsciously as a small child, clandestine as an older child, in direct
confrontation as a teenager, bossy as a young adult, considerate as a grownup adult, careful as an elderly, loving as a wise, without any need to brake the rules in the last years of my fathers life and being deeply grateful, as a grace, growing with age.

My dance in freedom had the same early onset. I sneaked out at night, made love to the
stars and danced naked in the rain. I learned to forgive myself and those who contributed
to the challenges of my life. I learned to trust in life, to take joy in the „small things“ and to
be curious in life itself.

I find freedom in being me and true to myself without the fear of being too much or too less
of whatsoever. I live freedom as a mother of two grown up children, who walk their own
path rooted in the love they are.

My professional life offered another key to freedom: that is the many unexpected faces of
healing beyond all, what I was taught. This freed my mind.

I am free to live with the paradox of duality, listening to the whisper of the divine.
Ready to witness a miracle at any time.
I am free to be.

:Karen: Thornton.

Her tale for freedom is one of many, as she explores the space in-between the outer and
inner worlds. And just like you she has journeyed the winding road of the endless soul.

She walks the path of the soul less travelled as she seeks the freedom to explore and
express her inner truth and sacred wisdom.

In all her travels in both the modern and ancient world it is the complex nature of the earth systems and the human spirit that inspires her the most.  The footprints we have left behind is something we could consider as the world now adjusts itself to a new way.

Her love of people and place drives her forward with compassion and inner-standing as
she navigates her way around the many divine feminine roles of artist, architect,
archaeologist, barmaid and friend, daughter, sister, wife and Mother.

In her everyday footsteps for freedom she has witnessed the true magnificence of the
human being in all its fierce and gentle guises, often shared days that are filled with
struggle, survival and systems of world dominance.

But what really shines through and gives her hope, is the strength, courage and
compassion we all derive from each other when things get tough, it is then the heart
connects as we unite together in a conscious co-creative way.

:Ullis: Karlsson

For many many years all I longed for Was FREEDOM and health.

I was depressed, burned out and suicidal. I was suffering and felt trapped. And I was dreaming about freedom so much that I wanted to die. To end my own life.

My journey back to life and to myself was all about the quest for freedom for myself and my 2 kids. It was all about being free in body- mind-spirit.
Free in and about life.

Today I feel so grateful and free. My body is strong, intelligent, flexible and free.
I am free in my mind as I see things from different and higher perspectives. I am a free spirit in a free body.

I am free to do what serves me and others in a way I feel like. Free to decide when and how to work- and whom to work with. Free about my time. I have enough money to provide for myself and my kids and that of course brings a lot of freedom.

I am free from worries of what others might think. Free from old traumas and accumulated stress.

Free to be me in all my shapes and forms. I love this sense of freedom in all areas of life.

This is also how I serve others in my line of work- the opportunity to be free in body-mind-spirit through conscious body work and practices.

My vision is a more peaceful, loving and free world for us all to live together in❤️