Footsteps For Freedom

The Magic Journey to Wholistic Sovereignty

cool “I want to break free… I want to break free from your lies, You’re so self satisfied I don’t need you, I’ve got to break free, God knows, God knows I want to break free….” cool Queen

Do you also long to break free?

We now live in a world of…

  • Heavy censorship and loss of freedom of speech
  • Travel restrictions and border closures
  • Crazy Lockdowns and family separations
  • Forced tests and masks
  • Huge division, betrayal and denunciation
  • High risk of mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports
  • Small and medium business closures and bankruptcies


How can this be possible in democratic countries?
Are we as free as we think we are?
What is hidden, often in plain sight?
What is it we don’t see and know?
How can we shift what we are not even conscious of?

We have been unconsciously programmed for centuries and our lives are entwined with the state on many different levels: birth certificates, tax, employment as well as our thoughts, actions, beliefs and more. We don’t really know what it is like to be sovereign and free as we have always unknowingly been a slave.

Divorce – freedom from the state is like the dissolve of a marriage, it’s so much more than the paperwork. It takes time to discover the levels of entanglement, to make new beliefs and take new actions, to set up a new life. This is very difficult to do alone! You need the support of others who have already been on the journey for sometime who can hold your hand as you navigate the rough waters to a new land within you where you can thrive.

Footsteps for Freedom welcomes you

A 13 moon journey – where we get out of the control matrix into the magical journey of Wholistic Sovereignty

As we …

  • Focus on the history of how we’ve got to where we are and the wisdom to change it
  • Xplore ways to purify and clear old trauma and blocks in all areas of life.
  • Shift, transform, transcend and step on new paths.
  • Claim and live as free, brave and sovereign nations.

This full year journey up grades all levels of life:

  • More energy
  • Clarity of thought
  • New beliefs
  • Augmented health
  • Strong body
  • Great relations
  • Passionate creativity
  • Courage to act
  • And more

From this space of new consciousness we change our reality to be sovereign and free – our divine birth right.

We take a wholistic approach into multidimensional energy mastery. We change our words and actions to co-create a new reality.  It is the journey to be sovereign and free in all parts of life.

Together we xplore, get new knowledge, powerful tools and practice:

  • Get to know the tools, documents and contracts the state use to keep us trapped without our knowledge and consent. Such as…
    • The power of your birth certificate.
    • Own your ‘Strawman’.
    • Know the difference between public and private.
  • Comprehend how the systems work and lawfully claim your freedom.
  • Practice quantum grammar, speech and written word to support your freedom and sovereignty.
  • Use common law and universal laws.
  • Nurture your health and purify your body, mind and soul.
  • Merge the different life perspectives and be whole.
  • Co-create the world you want to live in where we all thrive.
  • Learn and practice how to be present, safe and sovereign when you communicate with so called authorities
  • Create tools and documents to protect your freedom as a sovereign. Such as …
    • Live life Claim
    • World Passport
    • See Pass
  • And much more…

13 Moons of value and content through …

  • Small group circles to share and get support every week.
  • 13 live Q&A via zoom
  • videos
  • webinars
  • documents
  • practices
  • tools


Gold memberhood of Wholyland €99 per month €999 year


20th March, Equinox 2021