“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

– George Washington

There are many ways we are unknowingly treated as slaves in todays society. The Deep State agenda – which is behind governments, states and systems – want to remove all freedom as they thrive on our energy and powers.

  •  Freedom of speech
  • Freedom to choose own medical interventions
  • Freedom to choose the quality of food you eat and water to drink
  • Freedom to travel without restrictions
  • Freedom to own your own property
  • Freedom to make decisions on your children´s education, health and rearing etc.

It is a world of dictatorship where the few decide and control the masses.

We now live in a world of…

  • Heavy censorship and loss of freedom of speech
  • Travel restrictions and border closures
  • Crazy lockdowns and family separations
  • Forced tests and masks
  • Huge division, betrayal and denunciation
  • High risk of mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports
  • Small and medium business closures and bankruptcies

This feels like the opposite of freedom and more like slavery.

How can this be possible in democratic countries?

  • Are we as free as we think we are?
  • What is hidden, often in plain sight?
  • What is it we don’t see and know?
  • How can we shift what we are not even conscious of?
  • How many will have to die before we claim our freedom and powers?

Footsteps for Freedom is an extensive book in which we explore some of the traps and ways we are hijacked, deceived, spell cast and programmed to stay in the Matrix. First step to break free from the Matrix and Deep State agenda, is to realize where we are not free and why. Where we unknowingly agree and give our silent consent to the contracts they offer. As we have free will, they need our consent to let them do what they do.

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