A Podcast is Born

A year ago 3 friends Oliver from Denmark, Tora from Sweden and Pam from the UK took the crazy step to launch a podcast. Something none of us had any experience with, but we wanted to co-create a movement where together we can step up and take back our power so we can live the life we came here to live – as the unique geniuses we are.

Our vision was to co-create a new conscious reality, where we remove the veils so we all can live our lives to its highest potential – a Meaningful, Holistic and Passionate life – making a difference in the world by being the unique genius´ we are.

Many people had told the three of us on many occassions the life we were leading was impossible. Obviously not impossible as we were doing it.  We wanted to chat with others who were doing different things deemed by many to be impossible so Live the Impossible Show became the title.

When we listen to the story of others with curiosity, we can be open to hearing how other people live and think. We can be inspired to follow. It’s always easier to do anything when some one has proven it is possible.  We can then use the perspectives and ideas which resonate with us and take actions from there to create our own dream lives. There are no right or wrong ways. We choose our reality. Hence, we have the responsibility to change what we do not want in our lives.

Plandemic Launch

We couldn’t have chosen a better time to launch as the world around us turned to chaos as the world realed to the news of a virul pandemic unlike any thing we had seen before. With many people around the world stuck at home and not working podcasts and the like became a life line for many.

Little did we know back in April 2020 the huge effect it would have on people’s lives in ways we would have said were impossible. Or how our own focus would change as the pandemic became a plandemic!

We started with a daily Chatfest. We chatted with people we knew who had great stories and interesting experiences to share.

From the start people liked our open chatty style. We never have pre prepared questions and see our chats more like us sitting round a table with a drink together. We follow the energy and have loved what has unfolded. Everyone we have chatted with, no matter how famous or how many podcasts they have done as had the same comment. “That was such fun”.

During the Chatfest we were in the podcast charts daily some where in the world and we have consistently remained there throughout the year.  We now have a 156 live episodes. We are listened to in 111 countries and thousands listen in every week.  If we had said this a year ago many would have said impossible and We our selves would have said unlikely!

Freedom and Sovereignty

As the year unfolded it became clear to us there was a lot we were not being told and even worse a lot of what we were when you applied common sense just didn’t add up. 

Truth, honesty and choice is very important to us and we started to delve deeper and deeper into the rabbit holes of what is really going on.

We started to reach out to people who were talking about the virus, vaccination and the political situation from a broader perspective such as Dr Andrew  Kaufmann, Dr Christiane Northrup, Sacha Stone and David Icke.

A Land is Born

The podcast is tremendous fun, but we are unable to interact with our audience. We wanted more.

Pam and Tora who are always creative came up with the bright idea of a memberhood site after deciding doing a magazine (our inital plan) did not bring us joy.

Very quickly Wholyland came into fruition.

Wholyland is based on the desire to create a new space, a new place – actually a new nation – to live and thrive in.

It is an interactive community for those who are ready to live in a world which values authenticity, vulnerability, heart centered compassion and freedom for everyone. It is the foundation for being able to express and explore our own unique self and to reach our highest potential.

This online memberhood platform allows conscious, heart centred leaders to connect and play beyond the current matrix, to co-create a new reality where we thrive in sovereign leaderhood.

There are now seven of us in the council and we have tremendous fun co-creating the world we and our 100+ members want to see.

We have just started our first Footsteps for Freedom course where 31 pioneers have began the journey to sovereignty, freedom and wholeness on all levels. Including a deep dive into Quantum Grammar.  Further courses will be available in the future.

Why not read more in our free book on what we have discovered in the last year on how we have unwittingly from birth being put into slavery without our consent.

The Adventure has just began!

This year has taken us to very different places than we expected a year ago.

Where will the next year take us?

We have no idea right now as there are so many unknown’s and the energies are changing daily.

We do know we will continue to follow the joy of co-creation as we work towards not only a virtual memberhood site but physical places where we can come together in freedom and sovereignty

What we know for sure is we will continue to dare to be different. To prove what many say is impossible is possible.

Why not come and join us on this adventure. We would love to have you be part of our tribe if you also want to be extraordinary.


A big Thank You to everyone who has supported us this year and listened to the podcast and joined Wholyland.

For Freedom and Wholeness
Pam, Tora, Oliver and the Wholyland Council