Heart Mind Coherence

Coherence is where we have harmony, connectedness stability and efficient use of energy.

Coherence can be private (personal), social and global.

Private coherence is an optimal state where mind and emotions become in sync and alignment with the intuitive guidance of the hearts energy.
Practicing coherence created biochemical and neural events that benefit the entire body and our mental and emotion stability.

Social Coherence occurs when we are kind, compassionate and respectful to each other to cause stable and harmonious relationhoods.

Global Coherence

Global Coherence occurs when a large number of us simultaneously create a heart centered space.  Heart Math under the Global Coherence Initiative have put monitoring sites around the world to measure the global coherence and conduct science to verify the effects. Results are fascinating and demonstrate there is a change in vibration prior to an event. Read more and see live results here.

Mind Control

Mind control is a form of manipulation, persuasion or brainwashing. It can have beneficial uses in the treatment of addiction, but is frequently used in satanic and evil practices.

Mind control is:“a system of influences that significantly disrupts an individual at their very core, at the level of their identity (their values, beliefs, preferences, decisions, behaviours, relationships etc.) creating a new pseudo-identity or pseudo-personality.


Forms of mind control and brainwashing have been used for centuries. Mind control technologies fall into two sets.

1. Trauma-based which is used on prisoners and to control and program children to become sex slaves or to carry out lone assassinations.

In her book ‘Thanks for the Memories’ Brice Taylor regained her memory after a car accident. She shares her story of being controlled by the comedian Bob Hope and how she was loaned out to presidents and other members of the illuminati as a sex slave and courier, which included drugs.

2. Electronic-based. Is used on groups and populations. It can include TV programs, movies, advertisements and cell phone towers.

“The development of electronic mind control under the umbrella program known as the Montauk Project, made it possible to control people via microwaves if the victim could be “synced” with the computer’s mind control programming.

The mind control computer uses your unique DNA frequency “signature” to lock you into its control loop. Once your DNA signature is known to the computer, its satellites can focus and lock onto you within one centimeter of wherever you are located on the planet. It can then direct any control signal desired by the computer operator into your nervous system. He can deliver sensations of pain or pleasure. He can give you nightmares and insert voices into your head.” – Educate yourself

From Limited to Creative Thinking

How does what we think, do and say keep us stuck in the loop of limited thinking rather than being creative.