Have we been here in this world before?
Will we come back – reincarnate in the future?

It does not make sense that this is our only time here on earth.  Richard Rudd and Chris Bache discuss past lives, reincarnation and how they can transform our current life time in this fascinating 3 part interview.

Part 1

Richard and Chris explore the concept of reincarnation and how it profoundly expands our worldview, giving us a sense of our eternal identity evolving inside the constant turnover of lives. Subjects discussed are: The growing body of evidence for reincarnation, karmic cause and effect, the higher purpose of existence, grounding the spiritual into the physical, the soul and its development, the paradox of individuated awareness and infinite being, involution and evolution, the birth of the Diamond Soul.

Part 2

Having laid the groundwork in Part 1, Richard and Chris now dive into the deeper implications of being reincarnating beings. Subjects discussed are: What happens when we die? The circle of life and the stages of existence in the bardo between death and rebirth, memory that moves both forwards and backwards in time, the individual soul as it relates to the collective soul, the mind of the universe, correspondences between micro and macro viewpoints, the dissipation of daily worries and fears that comes from this expanded horizon, acting from deep trust in the universe, living from soul instead of ego, investing in the communion of souls.

Part 3

n this final part of their riveting dialogue, Richard and Chris ask some of the deepest questions of their discussion: Where is reincarnation taking humanity? What might the deep future look like? How can we best understand the current challenges our species is facing? Subjects discussed include: The difference between knowledge and wisdom, the nature of revelation, the current world crisis as a birth event, the transmutation of collective karma, the hidden capacities (siddhis) in our DNA, the birth of the Future Human, the transcendence of fear and the end of suffering.