Emotional Perspective

Self-Mastery, Shadows & Reprogramming

127 Your Unique Awakening Codes w. Tanmayo

Tap into your unique Awakening Codes with Gene Keys Ambassador Tanmayo as we enter the age of Aquarius. We dive deep into the power of Gene Keys and contemplation on an individual and global level for the great Awakening. We use Live the Impossible Show Gene Key profile as an example of how you can use the Gene Keys to be guided to stand in your unique gifts and live your full potential. Tanmayo explains the time we are in right now is represented by the Gene Key gift of naturalness and being and the shadow of self obsession. How do we transform our shadows? How do we embody these gifts as we embrace a new beginning?

049 Healing Past Life Traumas

​We go backwards into the past, the far distant past to change our future. Yes time travel is possible! Oliver shares an experience of a past life he had after talking with our previous guest Arsenio Siani. Pam and Susana get caught up in the semantics of how to release old trauma from ancestry and past life times and how we transform the past to change the future.

043 Billion Paths to Self Mastery

​It’s not one way or the highway, it’s billions of dirt roads to self mastery. We go along a bumpy road into different personality types, discovering your passions and the benefits of failing. We often fall into the program of comparison, fitting into a box and why it’s hard to let go. Do you know your unique way to self mastery?

037 Shadows of Self Love

​Shadows of Self Love – how do we give and receive? We dive deep into the different layers of selfishness, self love, altruism, selflessness, gratitude and compliments. We discuss the different ways of giving and receiving from the the masculine and feminine. The subconscious programming of todays society and what we can do to rebalance it. We read from the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd and chat of what it takes to have symbiotic relationships.

027 Follow the Breadcrumbs to joy and happiness

​Today Susana, Oliver and Pam turn into mice as we play with the concept of following the breadcrumbs and the effect on our lives and how it increases joy and happiness. We look at what happens when we choose control and are stopped by mistakes and failure, or stay in our comfort zone rather than follow our passion and unique genius. What holds you back from following the breadcrumbs and how do you get back on track?

015 Different Shades of Dark

​In this dark episode we cheerfully share about the different types of darkness. Why people fear the dark and resist it and miss out on lots of the gifts and powers within themselves if they don’t release their shadows. We dare to go into the darkest of the dark used by the likes of Kabal to control and manipulate humanity. We shed light on evil and the power of Lucifer and the infinite potential of dark matter. 

017 Transform your Fears

​In this deep dive into fear and addressing the elephant in the room your hosts Oliver, Pam and Susana share their views on fear and how to transform it. We look at different types of fear, stress and the nervous system and how it effects our health and wellbeing. In these times of the Covid-19 lockdown fear is rife in the world population. We share our tips on how to stay calm, relaxed and centred in the middle of a storm.

007 Intuition – What it is & how to use it

​In this episode Pam and Oliver dive deep into the topic of intuition.  What is its definition and what intuition means to us as individuals. We share our tips and tricks on how we connect with our intuition

009 Feeling Emotions

​In this episode Pam and Oliver untangle the differences between emotions and feelings.
We speak around the importance of expressing all emotions to be whole and how society and culture has prevented this. We uncover what emotional freedom is!

008 How to feel good during Corona virus Lockdown w. Wiz

​Wiz (Richard) the Minister for Inspiration enthusiastically shares about his story from millionaire to suicidal and his radical shift into happiness. In these times of Corona Virus lockdown many feel fear of  the Covid-19. Wiz talks about how to move out of fear, make conscious choices and his keys to happiness. His passion shines through as he shares about the ‘script’ and being there.

010 Embodied Presence w. Rachael Jayne Groover

​In this episode best selling author and entrepreneur Rachael Jayne Groover shares her story and how presence can transform your life. We dive deep into the breakthroughs Rachael Jayne, Susana and Pam have experienced as Art of Feminine Presence trainers. We look at different shades of normal and the benefits of being really seen by others. We also chat about how to feel safe in our body’s, be magnetic and radiant and the importance of embodiment, especially in these turbulent times.

029 Curious about Curiosity

​Are you curious about curiosity? We are! How do you respond when someone has a different opinion to you? What do you do when you go on holiday? How do you answer your children’s never ending questions? How do you feel when they flood you with questions? With what colour glassed do you wear to interpret the news? Do you believe in ‘conspiracies’? How do you see we can create world peace? How do you feel with our never ending questions? !!