Deserted shops

The world is upside down. The energies are crazy right now. I was in town the other day and it is empty of people and shops are deserted and looking for new tenants. The few people I saw in town gave a stressful impression. Most went fast and wore masks. Their eyes looked lifeless. I was sad to see how people deliberately turned around and took a step back when I passed by. We have become so programmed now how we should be. That we should keep our distance etc. Keeping our distance goes against the human need to keep together and to be close. We are social beings. The scare tactics and marketing around what is going on has really “succeeded”. It hurts me.

Stressed teenagers

My teenage son, who is in the second ring of high school, has had distance learning 3 out of 4 semesters.

He is a happy and social guy who loves to hang out with his friends. The forced distancing has been hard on him, as for most of us. It really hurts in a mothers heart. It feels like we as a society betray and fail our children and teenagers. Many teenagers feel bad and are stressed. Many have lost motivation and energy. Unfortunately, there are also many young people who feel so bad that they have had to start taking medication.

upset teenager

How have we been able to let it go so far that everyone is affected?

Who decides who should be protected and who should be sacrificed?

And how long should our children and young people be caught in the crossfire and be sacrificed?

No balance = imbalance

This is just one of many things that are out of balance right now. The imbalances are everywhere, on all levels and affect us all. As long as we allow it. Silence might often be misinterpreted as consent. That we agree. Then it’s nice to know that we can always choose again, and choose something else. It is the advantage of being a free person, to live in a free country with freedom to express oneself and with a free will. We can change our minds, actions and behaviors. Thank God.

But are we really that free? What do you think?

Dog poop and filthy masks in nature

Anyway. On my daily walks in nature, I now hear spring birds singing. Energetically speaking it actually feels like spring is here! So nice :)! The snow has melted away. Less wonderful is that there is dog poop and dirty discarded masks everywhere under the snow :(. The mouth guards bought and worn by “good citizens” who want to “do the right thing” and follow recommendations. Who used them and then just threw them in nature, without consideration for others or our sensitive nature.

Is it to be a “good citizen” of  the society? Not to take responsibility for one´s own shit, ones own rubbish. Is it to do “the right thing”?

A beam of hope

The sun shines through – and with it comes a beam of hope. A hope of life. Hope for something else. Something new that grows and develops. Unexpected smiles appear behind the masks. No matter what we humans are up to, nature is there. Constant in its change and it´s cycles and flows. Gaia-Mother Earth who holds us and is our common home. She moves in her own rhythm and is free to change. The sun comes with a beam of hope! Hope for humanity and with a hope for Life.

Best wishes Ullis
on behalf of Wholyland Council

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