Within the My-Story of sacred space the ancient function of the Architect or Artist was to express in material form. It is a way to connect to a higher spiritual reality via the art of sacred form and its function, therefore a creator of living space.  The return of Sacred Architecture reminds us once again of the vital importance of the creative process in Arts, and of the Architect as Artist and Magician.

Over time the Architectural practice has moved away from the My-Story of the divine feminine creative process of sacred space. The unfortunate result was the disconnect of our instinctive roots, our awareness to the earth, sky relations and our connection to the My-Story.  This resulted in a challenged society built on disharmony and discontent, the loss of the creative process of our intuition and spiritual awareness.

The duty of the Architect had once been to build the temple of man/women, and that temple was the sacred space of the human environment. Every structure that rose upon the face of the earth was designed to reflect the order, the My-Story, whilst connecting us to the transformative powers inherent in the cosmos. The sacred aspect of Architecture was the art of connecting our spiritual consciousness into the fabric of the environment in which to work, play and live.

Sacred Landscape – Charged with Meaning

“My interest in the My-Story of sacred science stems from my background within the field of sacred architecture, sacred landscape, archaeology and the cultural connections that link form and its function in the nature of existence. In order to explore the My-Story of the ancient world my travels have taken me on a journey of cultural significance.

I believe the art of story and the remnants and artefacts of indigenous cultures can best be determined through the footprints and patterns woven into the sacred landscape of past societies. Within the field of archaeology the My-Story & knowledge we seek can be retrieved and interpreted through the sacred space of ancient civilisations, a place where the landscape was believed to have been charged with sacred meaning.

The My-Story of Stone Structures – Celestial Connections

Studies of indigenous peoples all over the world have revealed many factors may have influenced the orientation of an ancient stone structure, such as megaliths or temples. When placed upon a sacred mountain was seen as the dwelling place of gods or spirits, or a tomb open to the path of ancestors. The My-Story of Orientation very much included the My-Story of astronomical considerations such as alignment upon the rising sun or moon at one of the solstices or equinoxes or the rising point on the horizon of a significant star or constellation.

Evidence has revealed within the ancient traditions of indigenous peoples worldwide, the choosing of particular orientations had to do with the sacred space within the nature of the earth and its relations with the sky – these traditions were motivated by a form of celestial power by leaders with a desire to keep human activity in balanced harmony with the earth and cosmos in order to ensure the continuity & wellness of life.

The My-Story of Ancient Traditions

There will always be the My-Story of the ancient world as empires are created then destroyed and new cultures appear. Time vanquishes even the most invincible empires leaving behind the footprints for us to explore and wander at the architect & function of sacred space. 

Be it the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, The temples of the Mayan, or the great megalithic stone structures of Stonehenge.

Modern society has viewed much of the world’s ancient architecture and art as ‘simply decorative’ or, perhaps a tribute to God. Form and its function are rarely given an understanding within the nature of the world we live in. However, recent studies in the field of sacred architecture have uncovered hidden mathematical dimensions revealing a far-reaching connection between form and its function and the fundamental nature of existence.

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