Happy Birthday Live the Impossible Show

Live the Impossible Show turned one on Wednesday. What an incredible year it has been. We now have a 157 live episodes. We are listened to in 111 countries and thousands listen in every week and we are constantly in the podcast charts. This week adding Hong Kong and Romania to our chart list. If we had said this a year ago many would have said impossible. We our selves would have said unlikely!  You can read more on our jouney in this weeks podcast: Live the Impossible Show Celebration

Thank you to all of you who have supported us and made this all possible.


As the new moon approaches we round up our theme of my-story or mystery.  What can be more mysterious than dragons?

One of the things we love in Wholyland and on Live the Impossible Show are dragons. Many say they are mystical beasts and have never really existed.  We would beg to differ.  We believe we all have our own dragon, our own mystical beast within, that is just waiting to be unleashed. For us to step up into our own power and genius. 

Large swaths of the population right now are waiting for someone or something to come and save them. Many believe its the v*cc*n^. Yet the latest figures are showing the risk of injury or death especially in the younger age brackets from it are likely to be higher than the disease its ment to protect them from. And as now we have no idea of the long term effects.

Will it take the return of Dragons for people to wake up and step into their given rights of sovereignty and freedom?  By the time they return it could be to late and another population of earth has joined the Atlantians and Leumarians.

If you are ready to free your own dragon within you come and join us in Wholyland where we dare to be different and to live the impossible!

Live the Impossible Show

Another great week on Live the Impossible Show. On Monday we were joined by the icon and dark worker Lorna Gabriel. On Wednesday we celebrated our Birthday and we rounded of this moon with a chat on mystery and celebration with the Wholyland council.


Please keep sharing to bring our work to even more people on this beautiful planet, as we want for us all to have access to what Gaia has to offer us.
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Last Weeks Guests on Live the Impossible Show

Lorna Gabriel Founder of Luxe Godhead, a revolution in consciousness masquerading as a business shares how to be an Icon requires perseverance! After 9 internet interruptions we won the exploration into the dark side and how to transform the light. Lorna shares her story of suicidal and bipolar to mystical icon. We chat about the light grid and the dark, shadow alchemy, money shadows and what are the signs of a dark worker.

What is a dark worker? What does it take to be a dark worker? What is shadow alchemy? How can we bring out our genius?

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The Wholyland Council shares how the Mystery became our story. How a simple idea which felt fun and right had a hidden mystery embedded, waiting to present itself. We celebrate the one year anniversary of this show. How can the mystery become your story? How can you attract it? What should you look out for?

Available on all major podcasts. Apple: https://ecs.page.link/5ST5N

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Wishing you love, peace and health in 2021

To the future and beyond

Your hosts Tora Zophia, Pam and Oliver
and the Wholyland Council.