Footsteps For Freedom

The Magic Journey to Wholistic Sovereignty

If you feel called to learn more about Sovereignty and how you can claim and live it we would love you to come and join us on this journey.

There are several courses available on claiming your sovereignty and freedom but many focus on the documentation only. We have learnt from our own freedom journeys there are many different levels and areas that we need to be aware of and change for us to fully claim our freedom and thrive.

Therefore Footsteps for Freedom takes a Wholistic approach to sovereignty that covers body, mind, heart and soul as well as a deep thrive into Quantum grammar to strengthen our lawful status and much more.

We belief to its easier and more joyful to do these radical shifts in life when we are not alone. When we hold each others hands and have each others backs we can create a whole new reality in which to live. This journey provides weekly master heart circles where we work with quantum grammar; share from our hearts, experiences, challenges and celebrations as we explore our new sovereign status.

On Thursday we ran a webinar First Steps to Footsteps to Freedom where we shared about where we are now and what some of the steps are for us to claim our sovereignty and freedom.  Watch the replay here.

First Steps to Footsteps for Freedom Q&A

The webinar, the book and course information has probably left you with many questions.

To answer these and any others you may have on freedom and sovereignty, we will run an informal Q&A on zoom on Sunday 14th March at 10am GMT, 11am CET, 8pm AEST, 9pm AEDT.   For the zoom link contact us at

  Live the Impossible Show

Another great week on Live the Impossible Show.  We started the week on the train to 4D and 5D reality with the dynamic Ole Dammagard and on Thursday to round of our theme of Her -storywent into a meditative and energy transformation space with Scott Smith. 

On Monday we celebrate our 15oth Episode.  

Wow its been an amazing journey and we have loved every miunte of it. Thank you to everyone who has made the show the huge success it is. 

For this 150th episode we are delighted to welcome back David Icke to launch the new theme of My-story or Mystery.  Watch this short teaser…

Please keep sharing to bring our work to even more people on this beautiful planet, as we want for us all to have access to what Gaia has to offer us.
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Last Weeks Guests on Live the Impossible Show

Ole Dammegård Truth Seeker, Code Breaker and Peacemaker inspires us to jump on the train to Honolulu Baby! Ole shares his experience of the feminine/masculine during childhood and beyond and how the transgender agenda screws things up even more. We chat about looking on the bright side of life despite and because of the One World Order  agenda’s playing out.  He shares some good metaphors to grasp the differences between 3D, 4D and 5D realities. How we deal with loved ones who live in a different reality and follow orders.  What is in the genetically modified technology? What is in the tests? What could be in you? What can we do?


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Energy blast alert! Scott Smith a mystic, energy worker, alchemist, and Master of the Core of Being shares Divine Energy Transmissions to bring you into alignment. Even before we hit record Scott took us on an energetic journey to our core and left us vibrating through out the show.
Scott shares his journey into energy work, the meaning of sacred geometry and symbols, including the true meaning of the pentacle. He taps into his core to relay the higher meaning of 666, who is the beast and when he will arrive. We chat about various religions, their origins and their hijacking. We end the show with a similar transmission we received for you to experience the power of who you really are as Divine source and receive a Darshan.

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Footsteps For Freedom

The Magic Journey to Wholistic Sovereignty

An exciting 13 moon journey

We take a wholistic approach into multidimensional energy mastery. We change our words and actions to co-create a new reality.  It is the journey to be sovereign and free in all parts of life.

If you have ever asked yourself these questions…

  • What areas in life do I not feel free?
  • How do I look at bills, bank statements and official letters without fear?
  • What would help me feel healthier and better about myself and my life?
  • Can I trust governments, authorities, and media to have my best interests at heart?
  • Do I feel manipulated, trapped and caught up in other’s agendas?

This course is for you


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20th March, Equinox 2021


Art of Contemplation

The art of contemplation is a vital part of the journey to Wholeness.

Contemplation helps you to find deep calm in life, enabling you to solve any problem or challenge that you are currently facing. It improves health and relationships,in time bringing prosperity to every corner of your life. Above all, contemplation opens the heart and taps into the source of all human wisdom.

Contemplation is also easy and pleasurable to learn, and has an instant effect on your life. In an unstable world, contemplation is one of the very few things that brings deep stability. This elegant and simple online course shows you how to bring the magic of contemplation into every corner of your life, resulting in a deep sense of spaciousness, calmand clarity that is so rare in our modern world. Consisting of Richard Rudd’s beautiful book The Art of Contemplation, this course offers both audio and text, with practical guides and exercises to help you learn how to bring the power of contemplation into your everyday life. It’s simple, inspiring and applicable to anyone and in any situation.

How much is it? $35

Wishing you love, peace and health in 2021

To the future and beyond

Your hosts Tora Zophia, Pam and Oliver
and the Wholyland Council.