New Moon

This week we entered the April new moon. As you may already know in Wholyland and on Live the Impossible Show we use the moon rather than the hijacked Gregorian calendar.

Each moon we choose a theme and this moon it is the mind.  The council have recorded their thoughts from the viewpoint of  the 13 life perspectives and these are available to watch in the Wholyland library.

On Live the Impossible Show we have decided as we have such a variety of incredible guests our focus will be freedom and sovereignty rather than trying to fit people into a theme.

Energy Forecast

At the start of each moon our blog is an energy forcast done by the wise and sightful Tora Zophia. This week was her second forcast and she started with a look back over what she predicted last month.  It is sad to see so many natural disasters have happened round the world. It does feel like mother nature wants us to see the truth of what is going on and to wake up.

For this month she talks about the masculine teenage energy that is rising up for many. Men and women alike. She also goes into depth on the blue energy that many of us who work with energy experience right now.  Read more on this energy update

Live the Impossible Show

Another great week on Live the Impossible Show.  We have decided as well as not having a specific theme to focus our attention on one guest. This week it was Wynford Dore who explains the importance of our cerebellum and how strengthening it can have a profound effect on how we learn. It is especially effective for those labeled with a learning disorder and for sports people to improve performance.

Our guest for next week is Sacha Stone. As always Sacha comes with a heap of wisdom to help us stand in our power at these  times.


Please keep sharing to bring our work to even more people on this beautiful planet, as we want for us all to have access to what Gaia has to offer us.
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Last Weeks Guests on Live the Impossible Show

Bring out your full Potential with Wynford Dore founder of Zing Performance and discover the power to transform your life. The key hides deep inside your brain and is just waits for you to activate it. Wynford shares his touching story that led him on a journey of discovery of how the brain works and why so many have difficulties in reading, writing, concentration and coordination skills. We chat about alphabet diagnosis’s, dyslexia and depression and what we can do to shift and release our inner genius. What is the cerebellum? How can we improve our reading? How can we excel at sports?


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Art of Contemplation

The art of contemplation is a vital part of the journey to Wholeness.

Contemplation helps you to find deep calm in life, enabling you to solve any problem or challenge that you are currently facing. It improves health and relationships,in time bringing prosperity to every corner of your life. Above all, contemplation opens the heart and taps into the source of all human wisdom.

Contemplation is also easy and pleasurable to learn, and has an instant effect on your life. In an unstable world, contemplation is one of the very few things that brings deep stability. This elegant and simple online course shows you how to bring the magic of contemplation into every corner of your life, resulting in a deep sense of spaciousness, calmand clarity that is so rare in our modern world. Consisting of Richard Rudd’s beautiful book The Art of Contemplation, this course offers both audio and text, with practical guides and exercises to help you learn how to bring the power of contemplation into your everyday life. It’s simple, inspiring and applicable to anyone and in any situation.

How much is it? $35

Wishing you love, peace and health in 2021

To the future and beyond

Your hosts Tora Zophia, Pam and Oliver
and the Wholyland Council.