What do you do to nurture yourself and to find peace?

For me I love to get out in nature. I always find I return from a walk I feel peaceful and refreshed. Today was an added lay of peace as there was heavy snow, which bought a hush to the environment.

One thing we should be grateful for this week is that the inauguration of the 46th President of the USA went of peacefully. It may not be the election result you wanted but its good to see after all that unfolded the week before it happened with no major incidents.

Non of us know what the future will bring, but it feels important right now to stay centered and peaceful within yourselves, so we send positive and calm energy out to the earths grid.

We have some fabulous meditations and sound to heal on Wholyland to give you peace and relaxation. Join us on Wholyland.

The Wholyland Council have all xplored freedom and sovereignty in some form for a number of years and have come to realise there are many layers to it. At times we have been surprised by our own reactions and areas that get unexpectably triggered. To be whole, sovereign and free requires us to look at all areas of our life and culture. To support all of us as we navigate this journey we’ve put together a 13 moon course:

Footsteps For Freedom
The Magic Journey out of the Control Matrix

We will use the 13 Life perspectives to help us xplore all aspects of wholeness, sovereinty and freedom.  We xplore, get new knowledge, powerful tools and practice from short video’s, a weekly heart circle, a moonly Q&A and a deep dive into quantum grammar. Quantum Grammar gives us the tools and documentation we require to be sovereign and to leave the juristriction of the corporate state.

The first course will start on the March Equinox on 20th March and will be part of the gold memberhood.  After 22nd March no one will be able to join as a gold member until we open for the next course.  More details will be available next week.

What are Life Perspectives?

We were born as potential geniuses, but groomed to fit into the ‘Matrix’ world, until we awaken and take responsibility to live life on our own terms. We then cut the cords to that limited reality and consciously free ourselves from the old paradigm and co-create a new one.  We probably think that something is wrong with us until we allow ourselves to see the bigger picture.

Life Perspectives is the ability to experience, see and learn about life and the guidance systems around and within us – in a conscious and wholistic way.

On Live the Impossible Show this week we dived deep into our moonly theme of History from the feminine perspective with author, global Spiritual tour leader and business strategist Halle Eavelyn where we chatted about why there is an absence of women in the historical narrative. Then on Thursday we moved into the esoteric viewpoint with Elizabeth April where we not only looked at the past but also the future.

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Don’t miss this weeks blog where Pam looks at history and whether what we are told is the trruth. What will people be told about 20 Jan 2021 in the future?  https://wholyland.me/history-is-it-the-truth/

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Last Weeks Guests on Live the Impossible Show

Where did the goddesses go? Author, global Spiritual tour leader and business strategist Halle Eavelyn passionately shares her insights of the rise of the feminine. We chat about the suppressed feminine today and in history, the patriarchic world and why geological evidence is discounted to fit the historical narrative. How can we use the masculine energy in us all? How do we use the feminine energy in us? Where is the logic and how do we discern what is the truth?

Available on all major podcasts. Apple: https://ecs.page.link/5ST5N

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The un-labelable Elizabeth April who intuitively channels the Galactic Federation, helps us innerstand the past, present and future. We chat about the collapse of timelines, karma and dream states. She shares how to dismantle fear, handle money and 3D energies.

What can we expect in 2021?

How are we affected by Atlantis and Lemuria today?

How can we use our reptilian brain to transform the future?

How can we use the crystalline cloud to spread our message?


Available on all major podcasts. Apple: https://ecs.page.link/5ST5N

Watch or listen at: https://www.livetheimpossible.today/135

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Art of Contemplation

The art of contemplation is a vital part of the journey to Wholeness.

Contemplation helps you to find deep calm in life, enabling you to solve any problem or challenge that you are currently facing. It improves health and relationships,in time bringing prosperity to every corner of your life. Above all, contemplation opens the heart and taps into the source of all human wisdom.

Contemplation is also easy and pleasurable to learn, and has an instant effect on your life. In an unstable world, contemplation is one of the very few things that brings deep stability. This elegant and simple online course shows you how to bring the magic of contemplation into every corner of your life, resulting in a deep sense of spaciousness, calmand clarity that is so rare in our modern world. Consisting of Richard Rudd’s beautiful book The Art of Contemplation, this course offers both audio and text, with practical guides and exercises to help you learn how to bring the power of contemplation into your everyday life. It’s simple, inspiring and applicable to anyone and in any situation.

How much is it? $35

Wishing you love, peace and health in 2021

To the future and beyond

Your hosts Tora Zophia, Pam and Oliver
and the Wholyland Council.