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On Sunday some of the Wholyland council came together on the new moon to record our insights on ‘Coherence’ our new theme. The replay is available to all members in the Wholy Communication Centre.

On Live the Impossible Show this theme was launched on Monday with a wonderful episode with Rachael Talbot at she explained the importance of embodiment and how to use the 12 stages of healing to come into coherence. Beate Heinkel one of the Wholyland Council on Thursday shared on what is coherence and the different types of coherence. On Friday we chatted with Dr Andrew Kaufman and we were enthralled by the information he shared on the PCR test, masks and the upcoming new vaccines. He also gave some great tips on how to have coherence within your relationhoods.

One thing that has become important to us is the meaning of words as its becoming more and more obvious many meanings have been misconstrued so you will see us using our own version in places, such as relationhoods, memberhood, blissipline.

One word that is being used a lot recently is conspiracy and we have by some being labeled as conspiracy theorists. Yes we are as the real meaning as we come together to breathe. Conspiracy derives from the Latin con- (“with, together”) and spirare (“to breathe”).

Our aim is to ask questions and do research, which we share with others so informed decisions and judgements that are right for them and their family can be made. Right now its more important than ever not to unconditionally believe the media, government or even some of the conspiracy theorists as they all have an agenda which is not favourable to peace, freedom or sovereignty.  Why only some conspiracy theorists? Because many like our selves are just sharing information to inform you on the other side of the story, which sadly is being suppressed. 

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Last Weeks Guests on Live the Impossible Show

Embodied Coherence – Discover how and why it’s important to connect with the whole of you with Rachael Talbot an expert in Network Spinal Analysis and Somatic Respiratory Integration. Rachael shares her journey from chemist to chiropractor to energy and body worker. She explains stress response, levels of healing and gives tips and strategies to release fear, stress and the importance of connecting with breath, your body and energy. What are the 12 stages of healing?

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Why is it important to come into coherence, especially NOW? How can we use it? How do we get into coherence?
We flow with the waves of birds in murmuration as we fly high with Beate Heinkel about coherence; heart coherence, the nervous system, natural phenomena, Schumann Resonance, electromagnetic fields and other gems to support us to come back to coherence. We even get a fairy tale to contemplate on.

Available on all major podcasts. Apple: https://ecs.page.link/5ST5N
Watch or listen at: https://www.livetheimpossible.today/116
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