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 A memberhood site for Leaders
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to Transform the world

Are you worried about the state of the world on all levels: politically, economically, socially and environmentally?
Are you tired of feeling your life is stuck and you are unsure how to break out of the old patterns and paradigms?
Do you want to share your unique gifts and talents and are looking for new opportunities to lead and co-create a new reality?

We Hear You!


Since 2020 every aspect of our lives has been impacted by new rules of engagement and control.  Nothing is clear, certain, or predictable anymore. Our human community is being confronted by worldwide change.  Therefore we choose to show up in new ways that are in alignment with our innermost truth.

This can feel daunting and lonely!


From Live the Impossible Show chats, your responses and interactions, we have learned how we all yearn for…

  • Deeper and more meaningful relationships and communities with likeminded people
  • Building real life communities virtually and in reality where we can all thrive
  • Freedom, sovereignty and the right to make our own decisions for our and families lives
  • Personalised wellness for our unique selves
  • New ways of living in harmony with the earth
  • Social structures that explore new ways of individual and community living
  • Education that is relevant and adaptive

But how are we going to achieve this?

Co-creation is the answer!

Welcome to Wholyland


Wholyland is based on the desire to create a new space, a new place – actually a new society – to live and thrive in.

It is an interactive community for those who are ready to live in a world which values authenticity, vulnerability, heart centered compassion and freedom for everyone. It is the foundation for being able to express and explore our own unique self and to reach our highest potential.

This online memberhood platform allows conscious, heart centred leaders to connect and play beyond the current matrix, to co-create a new reality where we thrive in sovereign leaderhood.

How would our lifes change if we could co-create what we quietly dream, hope and long for?

The wisdom of the podcast Live the Impossible show is a start too manifest our desired future on a personal and global level.  Where together we start with ourselves and then extend the principles into the greater world.

This cannot be done in isolation. To create lasting change we require the support of a community that fosters the exchange of ideas and perspectives, offers accountability and inspiration. This is a journey to a new way of living. Through collaboration we transform, balance and design a safe, harmonious and thriving world to benefit all. A place of wholeness and holiness.


Three Core beliefs we live by:

Wholeness:  We recognise, to be a fully expressed human being, we take into account all areas of life and our environment as well as our spirituality.

Sovereignty: The freedom to choose how we want to live, make decisions in alignment with our desires and take radical responsibility for our actions.

Genius: Our unique gifts, talents, perspectives and abilities we share in an impactful way to co-create the world we want to see.


Thus, our Motto is: We live the impossible and dare to be different!

This is for you if you want…

  • honourability, transparency, trust, integrity and sacredness
  • to be part of an amplified field to bring ideas out to the world
  • to live freely, fully and united
  • to take action from an embodied place, to manifest a new reality and bring your genius to life
  • to reactivate all parts of yourself and experience wholeness as you move through life
  • to be part of a thriving and sovereign community

This is for you if you are…

  • willing, curious and playful
  • committed to co-create a thriving world
  • ready for your own mastery

This is not for those who …

  • don’t value or respect self or others
  • are not prepared to take action
  • are not open to new ideas or different perspectives
  • spiritually bypass and only want to focus on positivity and the light


As a member …

You are part of a community of like-minded pilgrims and pioneers, who dare to be outside of the matrix and together …

  • Remember who we really are
  • Why we are here
  • How to co-create the future we want to experience where we are free, sovereign and thrive
  • Reactivate our full potential
  • Manifest abundant energy exchanges and natural flow
  • Build a new sovereign nation

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  • Unique transformative energy
  • Be part of the heart centred Wholy vision
  • Deep Dive conversations with world change leaders
  • Multi dimensional perspectives on life and current themes
  • Reactivations, meditations and embodiment practices
  • Extensive Library of Resources such as books, audios, PDFs, workbooks, videos
    Topics include law, money, health, spirituality, sovereignty and freedom
  • Explore the 13 Life Perspectives
  • Market Place for innovative courses, books, events, tools and more
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Who are We?

Susanna Silverhoj
Life Designer, Author
& Podcast cohost

Pam Lob 
Health Genie,
Author & Podcast cohost

Oliver Silverhoj
Entrepreneur , Leadership
Mentor & Podcast cohost

What Others Say About Us

“Absolutely love the vibrancy, fun and real way that Pam, Susana and Oliver interview, share deeply and vulnerably bring the best out of each speaker. We are in a time where being inspired by each other is a gift and I feel the LIVE the IMPOSSIBLE show is bringing that – Enjoy!”

 “I am throroughly enjoying this engaging podcast! Pam, Susana and Oliver take a deep and wide look at what is possible for us when we actually come into stillness within ourselves and connect with and act on what we really want in our lives. The topics are relevant and thought provoking. Their perspective is refreshing, heart-centred and practical. A beautiful contribution to uplift our own lives as well as our communities.”

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