Wholyland Foundations 



  • Cooperate and collaborate as a community to design and build a world vision 
  • Co-create a thriving free world where everyone takes responsibility, are empowered and honour and respect each other
  • Be the change we want to see in the world
  • Support each other in our growth
  • Live a sacred union of the masculine and feminine
  • Grow with multiple teachers, so we can explore different ideas and perspectives 
  • Move from a dominator hierarchy to a growth ‘higherarchy’ which is more like a family – a village to bring up a child
  • Bring out the potential in everyone of us
  • Accept and embrace duality and resistance



Integrity                             Creativity

Empowerment                    Freedom                    Uniqueness

Transparency                     Co-creation                Curiosity

Compassion                        Honourability            Playfullness

Sovereignty                         Passion

13 Pillars of Creation


The no. 13 is a returning number here in Wholyland.  It comes from the sacred Feminine Power no. of 13 that has been misunderstood for centuries.

The 13 energy pillars each hold different frequencies. They are the foundation of this  work.

Here is an overview of the pillars. We go into detail within the Master Heart Temple.


Pillar 1: Sacred Space 

To hold the Sacred Space is to Master the energies of creating a Sacred Space of Safety and Trust within and around us.


Pillar 2: Wisdom Reactivations

Wisdom reactivations is where we remember and re-activate the “essence” or codes of our earthy and cosmic existence as human embodiment of the divine.


Pillar 3: I am Presence

The ‘I am presence’ is an innate luminous spaciousness of our human nature embodying the divine.
This embodiment is being present, aligned, attentive, awake and aware of our vast nature and multidimensional sovereign power and higher divine selves.

Pillar 4: Volcano Dragon

There is a volcanic fire, a Dragon at the root of our passion. This is the energy of burning away the old and things that no longer serve us and allows space for the new to emerge. It is a holy fire.

Pillar 5: Creative Genius

Many people know what their special Gifts and talents are, but some of us are not aware of our unique Genius.
The uniqueness of our genius holds the codes to our individual juicy, divine superpowers. It is reactivated through our curiosity, creativity and passion.


Pillar 6: Polarity Balance

Life is a dance in the full spectrum of the polarities. It’s ever changing just like waves of the ocean.
In polarity we think of it as black or white but there are infinite shades of grey and colours in between. It depends on the circumstances and perspective on what polarity we favour.

Pillar 7: Intuitive Communication

Communication is energy expressed through our body language, speech and listening. It uses all languages, senses and how we express the energy. It is not just the words it’s the intensity of tone, the melody and intention.


Pillar 8:  Sovereignty 

From the moment of our birth into this world we are a divine living human being. Then we are given an identity by the state. Through this procedure we loose our sovereignty and freedom and we grow up with the believe this is who we are. We are much more!
To master the energies of our ‘Sovereignty’, is to first remember our sacred humanness. As sacred humans we have free will. We then choose to reclaim our sovereignty, freedom and full worth. As a free sovereign human we embody our divine self and offer our value to self and others to our highest potential.


Pillar 9: Divine Magic 

Divine Magic taps into the ocean of infinite possibilities and inspires action to allow the magic to unfold. The divine magic is master of Alchemy in flow. 
We are the creators of our life.


Pillar 10: Peace

We live in a reality of duality and polarity which we experience as opposites. In peace we transcend this illusion of opposites and we reactivate the reality of the creative force.


Pillar 11: Brave Heart

Brave heart is the energy of courage. We are curious, embrace and face fears, resistance, the unknown and let go of what does not serve us any longer, to live our highest, true potential whole-heartedly. Brave Heart is the willingness to step out of comfort zones.


Pillar 12: Temple Human

Temple Human is the energy of being Grounded, Connected and Embodied in our highest potential human form – our Sacred Human Nature. As the ascended I am Presence descended in our humanness, we do not reject this humanness. Instead we embrace and celebrate it as a sacred Temple that hosts our Divine Nature.


Pillar 13: Conscious Manifestation

Conscious Manifestation brings our vision and purpose into reality. We walk our talk and stand in our leaderhood. 
Our aim is to make the world a better place, where we do not take what others are doing or saying without question, or just follow a template. We are creators not followers.


Future Vision 

To co create a Global Private Society, initially virtually and then with land and villages around the globe. Places where we all can thrive and be free.

We develop wholy new systems for education, finance, social, health  science and technology for the benefit of all.

We co-create the world and reality we want to experience for us and future generations.