Many of us continue to be in lockdown or have our freedom curtailed in some way. It is vital to do you own research and not just follow the main stream media narrative. Join us on Wholyland where we share research from reliable sources.

 The Wholyland Council have all being exploring freedom and sovereignty in some form for a number of years and have come to realise there are many layers to it. At times we have been surprised by our own reactions and areas that get unexpectably triggered. To be whole, sovereign and free requires us to look at all areas of our life and culture. To support all of us in navigating this journey we are putting together a 13 moon course where we will dive deep into…

  • Awareness
  • Detox
  • Reactivation
  • Implementation

We will use the 13 Life perspectives to help us explore all aspects of wholeness, sovereinty and freedom.  The course will be experiential and will consist of short video’s, a weekly heart circle and a moonly Q&A.

The first course will start on the March Equinox on 20th March and will be part of the gold memberhood.  After 22nd March no one will be able to join as a gold member until we open for the next course.  More details will be available next week.

What are Life Perspectives?

We were born as potential geniuses, but groomed to fit into the ‘Matrix’ world, until we awaken and take responsibility to live life on our own terms. We then cut the cords to that limited reality and consciously free ourselves from the old paradigm and co-create a new one.  We probably think that something is wrong with us until we allow ourselves to see the bigger picture.

Life Perspectives is a “framework” designed to awaken the development of humanity through an innerstanding of ourselves, each other, and the planet. It is a wholistic way to balance and grow in all areas of life, by creating awareness and using the natural (and artificial) systems we are part of in the form of thirteen different perspectives. The goal of the Life Perspectives is to create a guidance system that is adapted to the natural process of development rather than a method of learning. We grew up with a school system designed to support an industrial economy that valued conformity, compliance, and minimum skill attainment. Passion and curiosity do not fit into this system – and certainly has no room to speak of releasing your unique genius and exercising freedom.

Life Perspectives is the ability to experience, see and learn about life and the guidance systems around and within us – in a conscious and wholistic way.

On Live the Impossible Show we commenced the week with the Wholyland Council, who round off the theme of New Beginnings and dive deep into inconsistencies, common sense and creation of a future where we can be free.

On Thursday we launched the new theme of History from the female perspective. Over the next moon our female guests will be sharing how they view history and the huge masculine bias. Our first guest was Eve Lorgen who shares her fascinating journey into energy vampires, aliens and the dark side of love.

 We are delighted to now be listened too in 99 countries and thank everyone for their support in making us so successful.

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Don’t miss this weeks blog where Karen our very own archaeologist shares her knowledge of the presence of women, or lack of women in our historical narrative.

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Last Weeks Guests on Live the Impossible Show

The Wholyland Council shares their experience and beliefs around How to Stay Resilient in Times of Chaos. We chat about global inconsistencies in rules and regulations, the lack of common sense and the illusion that we believe the authorities has any power over us. How can we stand our ground as living beings when confronted by authorities? How can we shift from believing in dead knowledge to living wisdom? Where can we focus to create the new beginning we are longing for?

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Eve Lorgen, author, hypnotherapist and anomalous trauma researcher, reveals experiences and signs of Alien Love Bites, Energy Vampires and narcissistic abuse. We chat about abductions, implants, alien technology, dream spells, twin flames, love obsessions and entanglements from other dimensions. What are the signs of being bitten, used or harvested? What can you do about it? How do we reclaim our power and go from victim to be unfuckwithable?

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To the future and beyond

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