Quantum leap

 A quantum leap is possible.

Believing this is not only a healthy attitude but a necessary inner attitude or alignment, at this time.

As a human family, we are faced with a decision of global proportions. The question of whether we consider a quantum leap possible is indeed triggered by a global events. At the same time, however, it is a very personal question that each of us is called upon to answer for ourselves.

The question could also be formulated differently:

Do you still believe or are you completely in despair?

Does life still have a meaning, even if you cannot see it at the moment?

The meaning of life

This question about the meaning of life usually only arises in extreme situations. This can be a personal fate such as a cancer diagnosis or the loss of a loved one. It can also be a more collective tremor, such as a natural disaster, a volcanic eruption or even an epidemic.

Every extreme situation in the past confronted us with these age-old human questions:

Who am I ?
Why am I here?

Individuals or collectives of people have asked themselves these questions again and again. And perhaps EVERY human being asks himself these very questions in the course of his or her life according to the events in his/her individual life.

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The challenge NOW

The extreme situation of the present time, however, differs clearly in one aspect from all other situations of the past. The extreme situation is in no way local. It affects EVERY living human being on this earth at the SAME TIME!

There may have been a similar situation in the past, such as an ice age or a flood. But never have people on all continents been so aware of the simultaneity of events as they are today. Many of us listen to news from all over the world. Even the global synchronisation of the media cannot change this. On the contrary, they even contribute to the spread of the phenomenon of the interconnectedness of all people.

It is also not essential whether we think the earth is round or flat. Or whether we believe in aliens or not. The mere fact that each of us sees himself as a human being is essential.


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I am – human

The moment we see ourselves as human beings, we belong to the human family. And this very family is for the first time simultaneously in a dangerous extreme situation in which the well-being of the entire family is threatened.

There is no place left on the outside to which we can flee. There is no country that would spare us from the Corona measures. There is no flight we can book to escape the madness. So we are more or less all aware that for the first time we are ALL in a common global crisis at the same time.

And more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that it is a matter of understanding ourselves as human beings. Even if the media keep trying to tell us that it’s all about pure biological survival. More and more people are realising that it is about questioning what BEING human means.

Who am I?
Why am I here?

As a collective question.
Why are we here?
Who are we?
What does it mean to be human?

The opportunity through the Crown/Corona

And this is precisely the great opportunity for us humans, for humanity. The “health crisis” is like the diagnosis of a serious “illness”. It is only the indication of something that is out of balance.

What happens to us when a doctor or another person we recognise as an authority uses the diagnosis of a serious illness to make a prognosis? In the sense: You have cancer and you will die. According to statistics, within the next 3 to 6 months.

What happens to us when a politician or another personality recognised by us as an authority uses the pandemic for a prognosis. In the sense that the mutations will kill even more people in the next 3-6 months.

It is almost as if our politicians are telling us that we, the human family, are all at risk of immediate death. And that there is no other cure than to limit our BEING human.

No singing, no laughing, no dancing, no hugging, no socialising, no freedom is like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, the removal of parts.


It is a reaction that follows the same mechanistic worldview as medicine.

Light on the horizon:

There are certainly several ways to react to such a situation. One possibility is that we trust the doctor, perhaps even blindly. We believe the diagnosis and expect or follow the prognosis. Another possibility is that we still trust the doctor. We believe the diagnosis but dare to doubt the prognosis. Another possibility is to question the diagnosis and ultimately also to at least no longer blindly trust the doctor.

We can question politicians in their actions. We can follow our own understanding of the law. We know what is adequate and what is not. We can recognise the encroachments of the state apparatus. We know what is proportionate. We can inform ourselves. We can seek other opinions. We can take responsibility for our own health!

We can recognise the prognosis for what it really is.

It is nothing more than a reflection of the beliefs of the person making the prognosis. It applies to this person, and not to me or us.

Is there a cure for me?
Is there a quantum leap for this crisis?

As a doctor with many years of experience, I can safely say: we don’t know.

As a person with deep faith, I can say: I believe it is possible.

The quantum leap is possible.

Mankind, kind men and women, recognise yourself.

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Beate Heinkel
and the Wholyland Council.