We enter a new level of crazy that most of us have never seen before in our lifetime. We reach a peak or a tipping point that will affect the future forever.


Keywords for this moon cycle

  • Point of no return
  • Division and extreme polarites
  • Death
  • Explosive surprises
  • Spring clean
  • Warriors rising

Moon Cycles

Each moon cycle comes with new energies. Some of them are continuations of the past moon/s, others stops and new ones arrives into our fields. We at Wholyland give our perspectives of this moons energy patters, as we tune into the electromagnetic fields of the collective, mother Earth and the galactic realms.

Each Moon’s phase (synodic) cycle repeats on average every 29.53 days, and do not follow the distorted cycles of the Gregorian year calendar. Part of our Sovereignty and Freedom journey is to come back to the natural cycles of life where harmony and balance are just natural. If we get out of harmony, the natural cycles automatically brings us back to harmony as we are children of Mother Earth and Father Sky. If we allow it to…

Although, we can always jump timelines. As people wake up in rapid speed these days due to the absurdities of life timeline changes. So these energies are potentials – and can change from one moment to the next if the collective field shifts as seen before during 2020. Nothing is set in stone – it is all potential timelines that can play out.

Just keep that in mind as you continue to read this update there are some ‘disturbing’ energies that unfolds this moon – and the next upcoming ones.


Tsunami of destruction and creation

Tuning into this new moon cycle and the next few moons up to the Solstice the main image I see is an avalanche or rather a tsunami. Thousands of peaceful warriors on horses ride the waves with their truth swords in their hands.

The way I interpret this image is that we have two options.

  1. We can choose to either ride the wave as the Free and Sovereign warriors we know we came here to be in this time.
  2. Or we will drown in the chaos of the tsunami.

I know this is not what most people want to hear, as it is not very soothing. But as this moon grows, we move closer and closer to the peak and the tipping point. When the train accelerate at full speed it is very difficult to jump onboard. This is it guys! Either you jump onboard or the tsunami will hit you on the station (Ole Dammegård explained the train metaphor very well on the Live the Impossible show episode 148)


Point of no return

If you read this, you have probably already felt – as this ‘scamdemic’ plays out – that this is the reason why you came to Earth at this time. You know you came here to tear down the old paradigm and co-create the new one.

You feel it, but might not know in what way, or how to even navigate in this chaos.

We are torn between wanting to be saved and/or save our loved ones. Yet, this is the time where we have to let go. This is the time where we either prepare to get up on our high horses of Sovereignty and say no to the slavery, abuse, control and deep state agendas or we will go under with it. This moon is the point of no return.

No more waiting for someone to save us.
No more popcorn.
No more waiting for others to wake up.
No more trying to wake people up.
No more saving those who do not want to be saved.



This means that the divide between us will be more visible than ever before. When we who see through the programming, brainwashing propaganda agendas and illusions, look at those still asleep within the Matrix, it feels surreal. It is like we literally live in different realities/worlds/dimensions. 

It is surreal to see people wearing masks, getting the v – even knowing it kills people. People who refuse to see the facts, but hold onto the belief that all this is for our own good. Because if they opened up to the possibility that the governments do not have our best at heart, their whole reality would crumble, as they couldn’t trust anyone again.

The fear of the unknown is larger than the longing to live in truth. It is no longer about hidden truth, it is about hiding from the truth for these people. We have to let them go and do that. They have chosen their path, they also have free will, so it must be their choice. This means the next few moons will come with a lot of death…


There are three main energies of death at this time.

1.     Around the globe people die as consequences of the whole corona show.

  • The V, has already killed more people the last few months than whole of last year (at least in many countries).

– These types of deaths are part of the deep state agenda (read more about that in the free book Footsteps for Freedom – How we have been tricked
to agree to slavery) to depopulate the planet.

2.     Deaths by choice

  • Many people cannot take the intensity of this time and will choose to leave the planet.
  • Suicides from being alone, lost and in so much suffering that they have lost hope. We hear about policemen who are ordered to act violently towards people – which goes against their values- choose to kill themselves (listen to Conny Andersson on Live the Impossible show episode 141 to hear more about this). Children and adolescence who are fed with the propaganda to live in fear cannot take it and commit suicide. For instance, children are told by their teachers that they will die if they do not wash their hands properly, get the tests (abuse in itself) or wear masks.
  • Some will create diseases, die from heart attacks etc. (that most likely will be signed off as covid deaths).

3.     Death of the old

Death is also part of the natural cycles. Plants die at winter to come back to life at Spring. We can choose to grieve the death or celebrate life. The new beginnings of the natural cycles.


Explosive surprises

This division and deaths are also connected to the explosive surprises that unfolds. The image I see is someone shooting with an automatic rifle around him. Mass shootings – but not necessarily literal. There will be shootings of truth, of fear propaganda, arrests and unimaginable events.

As we get closer to the peak whilst moving uphill this moon – which is why the energy might feel a bit ‘sticky’ or as walking on hot tar – the intensity will increase. We are walking into the fire of the volcano. From there, there is no way back as written before.

Just as time moves faster and faster, we reach a critical point in time where big bangs are about to happen. It is series of events, not one big event. When the snow starts to roll down the peak in an avalanche, it will create momentum and move faster and faster. We are reaching that tipping point.

These explosive surprises are not all ‘negative’. There are many many exciting surprises to tap into. But, it is our choice which reality we tap into. We can be bombarded by painful and devastating events or new potentials, powers and opportunities. Our free will is really showing up these days.

Do we choose to live in fear or love?

Spring Cleaning

If we choose to live in love, to step into our Sovereignty and Freedom and take our power back, be the peaceful warriors we came here to be, what will we have to focus on this moon?

To prepare for this tsunami, our focus really should be on a big Spring cleaning. Clear out as much as we can of our fears, doubts, victimhood, shadows, toxins, parasites, pollutions and clutter. If you know someone ‘big’ is coming to your door, do you not clean your house? 

Do you not shower, shave, prepare as much as you can? Same thing here, Spring is here to clear out everything that doesn’t serve us anymore.

Let go of attachments to the past. Old friends, family, what is ‘normal’, what we want to go back to. There is no going back. There is no past. Only here and now where we create the future we want.

We cannot force anyone to come with us. We cannot stay in the old paradigm because we are afraid to lose things and people we love. We have to dare to let go. Cut the cords to the old energies, beliefs and programs.

For instance, I’m doing a detox program with David Avocado Wolfe (listen to episode 147 of Live the Impossible to hear David’s insights). Part of my volition (intention) is to clear out as much shit I can – on every level – everything that holds me back from getting up on that horse when the time is here. Cleaning, clearing and declutter my house, my body, shadows and blocks. As much as I can, without going frenetic about it….

How do you want to prepare for your mission?

Warriors rising

sunset on the beach with horses

At the end of the day, it is our choice how we want to meet this moon and the next ones to come. We can collapse into fear and horror of what is happening, or we can rise and get up on our horses and ride on the waves of the tsunami.

There is a myth of how the avatars ride on these chaotic waves. Their swords of truth cutting through the illusions of the Matrix so we can live on the heaven on Earth we came here to create.

If we wait for someone else to be the avatar – warrior of peace and truth – we can wait forever. The tsunami will swallow us all.

Time has come dear ones to claim our true position of this reality. The warriors of love, peace and freedom.


All is well

We can do this! You can do this!!! One step and breath at the time….

Go in peace, choose wisely and trust in the perfection of life itself – no matter how dark it seems. This is what we have prepared for all along. Lifetime after lifetime – this is it. Do the best you can with what you got and that will be perfectly aligned with your mission. Trust that, trust in yourself….


Enjoy the ride,

:Tora-Zophia. On behalf of the Wholyland Council

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