The Tsunami is Upon Us

Back in March I wrote: We enter a new level of crazy that most of us have never seen before in our lifetime. We reach a peak or a tipping point that will affect the future forever.

Tuning into this new moon cycle and the next few moons up to the Solstice the main image I see is an avalanche or rather a tsunami. Thousands of peaceful warriors on horses ride the waves with their truth swords in their hands.

The way I interpret this image is that we have two options.

  1. We can choose to either ride the wave as the Free and Sovereign warriors we know we came here to be in this time.
  2. Or we will drown in the chaos of the tsunami.

The tsunami, the storm is now upon us.

What is different about this storm, is its not one that will last a few hours and the sun will come out. Just like in a tsunami the devastation will last. It could last all year. With further giant waves or storms occurring at intervals as more things are revealed and people react from a place of anger, rage and revenge.

This will be an extra long winter storm where we will be challenged on every level. There will be moments of peace and quiet like in the eye of a hurricane. Only for the wind and rain to reappear.

If you look at the last 18 months it has been childs play to what is coming.


Disclosures are coming out.  The Fauci emails demonstrate the lies around the so called pandemic are already hitting main stream media, who until now have been more than happy to be complicit in these lies. It is widely known the prove of election fraud within the USA is coming to light. What happens in America effects everyone of us.  We are all linked by the federal reserve and central bank monetary system and many areas of law. But disclosures are also occurring all around the world.  At the moment its a slow drip, but will soon become a tidal wave.

The deep state can see their centuries old plans and the prophecies of the Book of Revelation which they want to see come to fruition are falling apart.  They are getting desperate.  Desperate people react out of desperation! When you are dealing with people who are fully prepared to kill with no remorse, as they have demonstrated on numerous occasions. Absolutely anything is likely.


 The People 

 We the people have been hoodwinked and lied to for centuries. We have been complicit in the deep state agenda without even knowing it.  We are all slaves floating around on the seas of the world, believing that by living in the west we were free.  It’s all been an illusion and now the illusion is disappearing and the view of the truth is appearing.  

The truth can hurt. Especially when you find nearly everything you believed and trusted is proving to be a lie. The very foundation of our lives is being shaken at its core.  At times it will feel like we have been hit by an earthquake.

Barbara Hand Clow in her episode Pleiadian Revelations & The Ninth Dimensional Future  she shares about a story from her Cherokee Grandfather and how it relates to today.  
“My grandfather taught me with typical Cherokee mentality, that until we recover our story, we can’t heal. And so catastrophe phobia means fear of catastrophes. The basic thesis is that we are a multi traumatized species, and that we are in the middle of healing at the present time. But the idea would be, that we can’t heal into we have our real story. So my basic belief system would be that somebody decided to control us through fear. And if they could keep us as a multi traumatized species. This goes back 6000 7000 years ago. Now, if they could just keep us being a multi traumatized species, then they could control us, like donkeys or like sheep. And that’s what’s happened. But when people wake up, and think of the whole solar system and start to become more in touch with the galaxy itself, that’s what it’s gonna take to wake up wake up. So disclosure is not really about flying saucers, that’s just a very, very small part of what we need to recover at this time. And I think enough stuff is leaking out at this point, that I think a lot of these ideas are going to become more public.”

What is going to happen when people learn the truth and feel this pain?

What will happen when all of the people who have obeyed the government, the medical professionals, the media especially over this past year discover the lies and they have put their lives at risk taking gene therapy disguised as a vaccine? Hell is going to break out.

Many people will be unable to control their emotions of rage. They potentially be quite dangerous to humanity.
Some people will stay in denial, go into victim mode or withdraw.  

Some who have been aware for sometime about the lies will feed on the newly awakened anger as they are already wanting revenge. This will incite even more violence.

Back in May I wrote…
We all have a choice in times like these. There are several options, and I will mention three…

  1. We project our hurts and traumas to others and/or outer circumstances.
  2. We leave the planet.
  3. We take full responsibility of our traumas and wounds and use it to propel us forward.

The third option is what we can use if we want a different reality to play out than it is right now.

What do I really want the world to look like?



What is needed right now is for us all to come from a place of peace and calm.  Not easy when so much anger is in every ones system.  But with anger comes passion and this passion needs to be directed towards peaceful solutions. Towards making this the world we want to live in and where we can thrive.  

It has been proven over and over that war is just to make the rich richer and to centralise the monetary system. War is created to take control of a country’s money and resources.

What will happen when all the soldiers who have stepped up to protect their country and fight for freedom realise they were being used by the cabal?

It’s time to find another way.  When we stand in a place of peace and calm we can support those who are just awakening to see the possibilities. And that all this change is for the good.

It’s time for each of us to come within and recognise the answers and saviour is within each one of us.  The second coming is in each one of us not an external being or rescuer.

Our eyes are showing us we need to be in the dark. Not going towards the light. To see and feel the dark side, to make peace with it and eventually find a balance of all polarities.

It is game on. It’s not going to be a fun roller coaster ride, but this is what many of us signed sisigned up for. To be here as the world transfers to a new age. No one ever said it would be easy.  Emotions are going to be high and sometimes low. But together we have got this and all the pain will be worth it.  

We are walking through the eye of the needle. And the needle will sting as we pass.  

We recognise and feel the pain so we can move beyond it. On the other side of the pain is new opportunities and possibilities. We are being asked to see. To remove the seal  covering the earth. We can then see the sprouts below that have longed to see the sun. We have been making our selves wrong, playing small as we were unable to see that our seeds were being smothered. We have believed life has to be a struggle, it takes hard work to make a seed grow. 

eye of the needle

We have been led to believe this is normal. But in reality when we remove the seal as long as we water the seed it will grow and flourish automatically. It is our job to water and nurture these sprouting seeds.

What we have been through for the last several thousand years is not normal. It has been covered and hidden by a seal, a matrix.  There will be a lot of additional trauma (our whole history has been traumatic and dramatic) as the truth comes out. Many of us who have already being seeing the agenda, doing inner work and releasing our own trauma’s are here to offer support, compassion and be role models for peace.

When we come to calm and peace even when confronted by the horrors, part of us recognises the truth. When we focus on the truth our nervous system can relax and allow us to enter and stay in a place of peace and calm. We recognise it is not us that is wrong it is the seal that has kept us in believing this. In fact the opposite of what we have been led to believe is often the truth.

From a place of relaxation we can support others just by our pure presence. This in turn relaxes their nervous system as well through entrainment.

Remember this is what we have been waiting for and even if it looks nasty the seal is falling apart so we can be free. We are the thousands of peaceful warriors on horses who ride the waves with their truth swords in our hands.


For support and information on the journey to freedom. Come and join us in Wholyland.


To peace and calm
Tora Zophia and Pam on behalf of Wholyland council