What is true?

It is very hard right now to discern what is the truth.

I have known since a teenager what is written or spoken on mainstream media is at the very least blown out of all proportion and is sensationalised. As a nurse I was often aware of the true story of accidents, shootings etc. I was also living in Bristol at the time of the Race Riots of the early 80’s.  What I read or saw on the news was very different to what I was witnessing in real time.

Today this has been taken to a whole new level. The news this year has been very one sided and most of it only about one subject the “plandemic”.  It appears the main agenda has been to spread fear. Anyone who has suggested anything that does not agree with the agenda, even if they are top and widely acclaimed doctors and scientists have been subjected to slander. Their social media accounts deleted. Debate and freedom of speech are no longer allowed.

For me the truth can not be found in mainstream media.  You are more likely to find it in movies and cartoons. Many are documentaries to disclose their true agenda and to normalise future plans.  The biggest documentaries of them all are the Matrix movies.



confusion on direction

The messages we receive from movies, media and intuition, consciously and subliminally lead to confusion as we don’t know what to believe or how to discern what is truth and what is program. 

As we connect with those around us, many are feeling depressed, lost or uncertain on one level.

On another level they are excited and have a lust for life. They yo-yo back and forth several times a day. This causes a lot of confusion.  This is not normal. Energy is usually more constant for longer periods. This causes the time/space reality to be out of kilter.  It also results in many to experience bodily pain and discomfort in the form of back pain and headaches.  Pets also react out of character right now.

When we don’t get what is happening there is an even greater risk of us to misunderstand, or being misunderstood by others on a daily basis and to end up in conflict.

The veils are so thin at the moment between this world, the matrix and the reality beyond.

We feel the energy of what could manifest, but as it has not yet, our systems are in confusion. We doubt ourselves from past woundings, programs and shadows are triggered. Yet there is hope and excitement for what is to come, but we are afraid to celebrate in case it does not manifest into reality. It would be awful to be disappointed  yet again…

These experiences are also a sign of expansion.  It is hard to have a strong back when we are so out of our comfort zones. Part of us just wants to hide under the bed, but the incoming messages even find us there!

Realities are merging so what feels true and right in the systems of those of us who are able to feel the bigger picture and the most likely potential about to manifest.

We don’t know what voice to listen too.


Do You Listen?

We live our lives through the spoken word to convey and translate our thoughts, energy and emotions. They are often inadequate so we add in body language and gestures to express the inexpressible.  But we still can be misunderstood. This is because the recipient does not listen or at least not fully as they are not present. When we are not present our filters are much stronger.

To prevent misunderstanding it is important to listen with our whole being. We then also feel the energy behind the words. Then conversation becomes clearer and more heart centered.


Distortion of Words

We learn the meaning of words mostly through osmosis. Influenced by our families, culture and education. They are often not in alignment with the dictionary definition which has several definitions of one word. No wonder we get confused. 

To add to this confusion many of the meanings of words are mirrored from their origins.
Conspiracy has become negative and you are seen as a terrorist and or an extremist. When if fact the word means ‘breathe together’.

Then you can mirror the spelling. They are spells after all!
Evil – Live

Another trick is to keep us in the matrix is to swop vowels.
Pray – Prey

When we break down a word we can see the roots of it.
Politics – Poly=many  Tics=blood sucking parasites.

Today the meaning of some words is being changed to fit in with the agenda.

In the last 12 months examples are herd immunity and immunity from something that happens naturally to something that only occurs through vaccination.


Living a Lie

It feels on many levels right now that we are living a lie.

The practice right now is to discern…
What is a lie and what is the truth?
Who are we and what are the programs?
Are we listening fully or are we under a spell?

It is time to open our eyes and see.

Are you ready to see the truth?  Come and join us in Wholyland.

In Health and wholeness
Pam and Tora

on behalf of the Wholyland Council