I do not know about you, but last moon cycle was intense to say the least! As the collective shadow patterns came to the surface many conflicts, wounds, traumas and immature aspects were thriving!

I have never heard about so many people getting divorce, break up and end friendships as now. And even die. It is like the intensity of being on the planet is so strong that we cannot take it anymore. Many explode, have outrageous fits and are angry and frustrated – often without even knowing why.


Schumann is telling us something…

The Schumann resonance has gone totally crazy too. Peak after peak – one more intense than the other. Some peaks have reached new levels (on the Tomsk one) in the month of May. On May 8th it peaked at 110 Hz! That in comparison of the ‘normal’ of 7,83 Hz.

On a little side note it seems like the Italian chart is removed. Maybe because it peaked at 6000 Hz on January 22nd, 2021? Was it disclosing too much maybe?  

Anyway, these light flashes (seen as white peaks on the charts) are like huge flashlights on all your old ‘shit’ and will bring it to the surface. Schumann resonance is a sign of the upshift and purge the earth is going through – and everyone and everything on it. It is no wonder we have felt so crazy and weird! You can follow the daily Schumann resonance update and notice how it might affect you emotionally and/or physically.

Typical ‘symptoms’ from Schumann resonance:
  • You might all of a sudden feel tired and knocked out
  • Emotional roller coaster
  • Ringing in ears
  • Headaches
  • Just off balance and not yourself

These symptoms are consciousness upgrades and reactivations– so they are a good sign in that sense! It helps to remind ourselves of that when we act and feel totally crazzzyyyyyy…. wink

Time to choose

We all have a choice in times like these. There are several options, and I will mention three…

  1. We project our hurts and traumas to others and/or outer circumstances.
  2. We leave the planet.
  3. We take full responsibility of our traumas and wounds and use it to propel us forward.

The third option is what we can use if we want a different reality to play out than it is right now.

Timeline jump

To have different realities we jump timelines. Which we have done again in May. Something happened on May 5th, 2021, that made us jump timelines and enter a different reality (again again). May 5th was the peak of the 5-5-5 portal. Month 5, date 5th, a year 5 2+0+2+1. One way we can notice timeline jumps is that many experience that they have lost a day or two (or gained). For instance, my 11-year-old son felt out of sync and totally lost track of which day it was and was a day behind. This is not something he normally expresses and experience. Disorientations, dizziness, struggle to focus, remember and think clearly are also ‘timeline jump symptoms.’


What does jump timelines mean for the future?

From my experience it means that what was very probable to happen is no longer going to happen. We have shifted into a new reality where the probable events no longer exist – or are at a different ‘time -’ on the timeline. Timeline shifts is how we create the future that is ‘better’ for the highest good of all. We can do that through expanding into a higher vibration – of body, mind, heart and soul levels. It has nothing to do with being positive, love and lighty – it is more to stay very conscious, honest and authentic with ourselves and others. When we stand our ground in our truth – without projection to others – we hold a higher vibration.

May/June Moon cycle themes 

This leads me into the themes of this moon cycle. The main question this moon to dig deep into is:

What do I really want the world to look like?

Why? Because this moon is all about getting clear of what we want so we can start to take actions.

Many people are so confused these days. And no wonder. Everything we believed in turns out to be lies. This makes us question everything. This is great!

But the other side of the coin of questioning means we also question ourselves. As we have been lied to, and totally bought into the lies, what does that say about us?

What does it say about me?

Can I trust myself?

This can make us passive and have us sit in the questions and stops us to take any actions and move forward in our lives.

What do I want?

Shall I stay here to help and support my family, friends and community?

Shall I move somewhere else and co-create a new community with likeminded?

We are torn and confused – as the Clash song “should I stay or should I go” states – “who am I suppose to be?”

The difference from the song where they sing “You got to let me know – shall I stay or shall I go” is that no one else can answer that question but ourselves. No one can tell you what to do. Ever! No friends, governments, politicians, authorities or police. They can try to; offer you contracts and make your life hell if you do not play their game. But no, they cannot tell you what to do without your consent. Period.

Do you give your consent?

If yes, why do you do it?


Take a stand

This moon is where you take a stand, stand your ground and decide who and where you want to be.

Over the next few months you will act on being that who you want to be and (co-)create that future. When I say act it is not just external actions – to physically do something. It is inner actions too. You will do whatever it takes to be you. If you choose to, of course. You have the energies to support you to do it at least. And for those who do not choose to do that, well, what I have seen, it is not a very bright future….But hey, we can jump timelines again, right? wink

Part of the challenge is that we have this giant puzzle we are trying to put together. What makes it even more difficult is that there are pieces in this puzzle that doesn’t belong in the box. It also has pieces that are not even real – they are illusions – and will pop up like a jack in the box and then disappear again. Just to increase our confusion and indecisiveness.

This is why we have done so much detox and clearing the last few moons. Now it is time to take a deep look at the pieces and decide if they fit the puzzle or not.

The time is up for us to play saviours of others who do not want to be saved. Those who would rather take the V than to stand up for their beliefs in front of their friends and family.

How many do you know who dare to say no and stand up for their beliefs?

How many do you know who make decisions from pressure and judgment from others?

The fear of being an outsider and be banned by the tribe is so great that they rather risk dying of the V than to say no thank you.

The fork road is fading out. Either you are in or out. There is no middle ground anymore as it has been. Put the oxygen mask on yourself before you try to help others.

That is the clear message of this moon.

The high vibe path

When we choose what is best and most loving for ourselves – instead of what we think is best for those we love – we raise our frequency. When we raise our frequency we shift the fields vibration (quantum field, zero point field, consciousness field etc.). It vibrates faster. When it vibrates faster the old density collapses and new weaving of grids and nodes happen on the planet.

So when we hang out with likeminded beings who also want a free, peaceful and loving world – we create an amplified field. That amplified field changes the world. Lynne McTaggart calls this phenomena “The power of 8”. You can listen to our chat with Lynne on Live the Impossible Show.

This moon is really about making conscious choices of what is the most high vibrating option. It is time to go within to feel into what is right for you and your journey!

How do you know what is the most high vibrating choice?

You can use pendulums, gut feeling, kinesiology, or whatever tool you prefer. The main thing is to choose what is the most expansive and loving option for YOU. Yes, for you. When you choose you, you choose the highest good of all. Of course not when you do it from lack and limitation. But when you choose from love and peace. You might experience fear, excitement, loss, grief, and so on. If you are still long enough, you will also get a sense of peace, calm and knowing it is the right choice you made. Since you made it. That is where you know you made the most loving choice you could make. There are no regrets in that field. Everything happens for a reason, and that is also true when it comes to our decisions. They are the best decisions we could take in that moment, since we took them.  


It is time to let go of our herd mentality and of playing the hero.

Time to dare to let go of what other people’s opinions are about you, your life and choices. A tribe is a different name for herd. Sheep are part of a herd.

When you choose your highest path, you choose what is best for you and highest good of all. That doesn’t mean you are alone on that path. It doesn’t mean it is you against the world. It means that you are a sovereign being who take full responsibility for you and your life. And you co-create with other Sovereign leaders and creators of the new world we like to see.

This moon invites us to let go of the hero’s journey too. Yes, I know…. Tough one, huh? You are not a sheep and you are not a hero either.

Who are you then?

When you choose your highest path, you choose what is best for you and highest good of all. That doesn’t mean you are alone on that path. It doesn’t mean it is you against the world. It means that you are a sovereign being who take full responsibility for you and your life. And you co-create with other Sovereign leaders and creators of the new world we like to see.

AI vs Natural

The interesting part in the whole AI and artificial everything is that AI mimics the natural cycles. Not the other way around. And yet, we are programmed to believe we are inadequate as human beings and need to put some microchips in us, have DNA modifications and god knows what to be whole. When the opposite is true!!!

This theme is going to surface even more this moon. With all the V:ed people the more artificial the population become.

What is important to remember here is that love, our natural essence and power is stronger than any AI technology. That is why they mimic it.

This means we cannot ‘loose’ this game. The more of us who rise as Sovereign the less power the artificial things and beings have.

This moon, dear ones, is really about that remembrance.

Who you really are….

Who you want to be….

And commit to do everything in your power to honour that.

It is as simple and difficult as that….


In joy and in honour!

:Tora. – on behalf of Wholyland Council


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