New Beginnings

There are plenty of signs of new life in the northern hemisphere despite it feeling like mid winter this week. The trees are bursting into leaf, the bluebells are dancing in the woods and lambs gamboling in the fields.

After a very long winter, compounded by lockdowns, it’s also time for us to spiritually and energetically revive.  Many of us have felt the effects of last months Super Moon and the high spikes of the Schumann resonance.  This is likely to continue with this weeks new moon and the upcoming Super Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse and the Ring of Fire New Moon Solar Eclipse.   Look out for this Wednesday’s Wholyland Energy forcast for the coming moon.

This is a good time to physically and mentally detox to boost all your body and most importantly right now your immunity.  Healthy systems are essential to combate the ongoing onslaught from virus’s, gene therapy in the guise of vaccines and the constant upleveling of EMF’s.  Make a start by staying away from mainstream and social media who are silencing anyone who does not agree with their rhetoric.

If you want to know more on how to boost your health, reduce EMF’s and how to step into being free and sovereign come and join us in Wholyand we would love to have you with us.

Language as an instrument of war or an instrument of peace

More and more we realise how much we as humans are influenced by language. And how much language has been turned against our humaness. Over a long, very long time.

To that point, that hu-man has the meaning of monster. We only start to remember, that all and everything has been mirrored!  

Read more how language came into existence and what is babble in this weeks blog:

Language as an instrument of war or an instrument of peace

Live the Impossible Show

Another great week on Live the Impossible Show.

This week we step into the quantum realm as we chat with Mikael Säflund on a Quantum Leap to a Better Future.

In xext weeks show we are joined by Lynne McTaggart and chat about the power of 8 and the field that surrounds us all.


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Last Weeks Guests on Live the Impossible Show

Quantum leap to a brighter future with quantum physicist, author and speaker Mikael Säflund. We chat about transformation and more joyful beliefs in very fearful and harsh times. The almost total mind control is falling apart and we now have the opportunity to create the future we want. Mikael guides us through an experience with instant shifts with a simple tool. How has history corrupted us? Who are we? Why is our energy harvested? How can quantum physics change us?


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Art of Contemplation

The art of contemplation is a vital part of the journey to Wholeness.

Contemplation helps you to find deep calm in life, enabling you to solve any problem or challenge that you are currently facing. It improves health and relationships,in time bringing prosperity to every corner of your life. Above all, contemplation opens the heart and taps into the source of all human wisdom.

Contemplation is also easy and pleasurable to learn, and has an instant effect on your life. In an unstable world, contemplation is one of the very few things that brings deep stability. This elegant and simple online course shows you how to bring the magic of contemplation into every corner of your life, resulting in a deep sense of spaciousness, calmand clarity that is so rare in our modern world. Consisting of Richard Rudd’s beautiful book The Art of Contemplation, this course offers both audio and text, with practical guides and exercises to help you learn how to bring the power of contemplation into your everyday life. It’s simple, inspiring and applicable to anyone and in any situation.

How much is it? $35

Wishing you love, peace and health in 2021

To the future and beyond

Your hosts Tora Zophia, Pam and Oliver
and the Wholyland Council.