Wholyland Affiliate Program

Earn Revenue as you Share about Wholyland 

 Join our free affiliate program to earn revenue, an energetic exchange, through referral of Wholyland memberhoods, courses, webinars and events.

Affiliate partners can earn 13% commission on all Wholyland brand products.

  • A memberhood commission of 13% is received as long as the purchaser and you stay a member.
  • Other products will earn a one-off commission of 13%.
  • Products in the market place not produced by Wholyland are exempt from commission.

Members you refer who become affiliate partners will qualify you for a 33% commission on the value of their 13% commission.

You recommend Wholyland to your friend Ann who loves it and becomes a yearly Silver member which costs €333 a year and she continues to renew. Therefore you’ll receive €43.30 per year just through Ann’s memberhood as long as you are both members.

Ann also becomes an affiliate and her friends Jo and Paul also become yearly Silver members. Ann will therefore receive €86.60 commission and you will receive €28.60 (33% of €86.60) from Jo and Paul’s memberhood.  If Jo then buys a Wholyland writing course purchased for €13,333, Ann will receive €1733 in commission and you’ll receive €572, as a one-off payment.

You can in this way earn commission in Wholyland up to 2 levels.


Together we can co-create a world where we can all thrive through energetic exchanges. It’s a win-win for all!