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Deconstructing Sentience:  From Chaos to Coherence

“Brings to life the forgotten power of healing through feeling…for yourself, humanity & the planet! 

As we find ourselves at the precipice of a self-induced global emotional emergency, the need navigate our way through these turbulent times is at an all-time high.   Maybe our feeling mechanism, our capacity to be self-aware, consciously sentient beings, is the bio-encoded, built-in GPS we’ve been looking for as a Guiding Light.

Not a moment too late, this activating documentary deconstructs pseudo-separation, escapism, programming, nihilism, epigenetics & the emotional system to uncover the multi-layered facets of conscious connection as the antidote to self-destruction.

Using her personal journey overcoming addiction as the microcosm, Writer/Director/Producer Kristin Gillespie takes you on an epic journey beyond the macro that has the power to transcend humanity’s shadow for a Heaven on Earth for us all!   

This unprecedented marriage of science, spirituality & intuition is a true portal to collective healing…. Look no further than “Deconstructing Sentience: From Chaos to Coherence,” starring the world’s leading pioneers of SENTIENCE, to usher you through  this tectonic shift in consciousness.”

Heart Coherence

What is coherence?
What is heart coherence?

A good way to support our bodies and our planet is practising heart coherence

At school many of us were taught that it’s the brain that controls the body, when in reality our heart and our guts send more signals to the brain than vice versa.  Read more…

The ABC Has Been Hijacked
It’s Time to Take it Back into Coherent Words, Sounds, or Signs

Much of our language has been hijacked and the original meaning of words altered so they are no longer in coherence. Read more …

The Coherence of Sound

As we walk within the archaeological footprint of ancient worlds we feel, we sense, we breathe that conscious connection of the past, present and future. Within the nature of existence every stone, every tree, every mountain and every waterhole has a life has a vibration and has a song. The ancients knew this and how the Coherence of Sound vibrates the body, moves emotions, inspires the mind and touches the spirit & heart. Read more …

123 Global crisis to Coherence

Join the Wholyland council as we dive into how the global crisis is connected to Coherence. We chat about the latest censored news, the anomalies in the mainstream media and the hijacking of words. Why are some people waking up to this and others not? How is this global crisis a good thing? How will this help the global coherence? Why is there so much aggression from the sleepers? What can we do to create more peace, love and coherence?

122 The Holy Grail for a Better Future

The Holy Grail for a better future as we unleash sacred connections with Lars Muhl, best seller author, musician and mystic. We chat about the priestess feminine and the warrior masculine and how now is the time they come together in sacred union as did Jesus and Mary Magdalene. He talks about the downfall of the guru, the rising of the Cathars and how to own our innate power, available to all of us.  What are the questions we need to ask ourselves? What and where is the Holy Grail? How is it connected to today?

121 Ascension, Election & Child Trafficking

Laura Eisenhower enthusiastically reveals what’s going on in the United States, and connects it to the cosmic and global ascension process. We chat about the election, Fox News, child trafficking and child sexual abuse and what it means for humanity from different perspectives. What is in the astrology for the rest of 2020 and into 2021? How are we being hijacked by the cabal and what can we do about it?

120 Time to Shine Our Light to Thwart Terror Attacks

See the signs and synchronicities with Ole Dammegaard as he shares on how it’s time to shine our light to thwart terror attacks. He walks us through the signs symbols and technology that are, or feel, out of place and coherence. We follow him through two days in Sweden in early November and the sequel to the terror attack in Vienna and the connection to the USA. He talks about the challenge of travel, security and the fear that arises, Notre Dame fire and the significance of shoes!

119 Track the truth to Freedom of deep state Sweden

Track the truth of deep state Sweden with Conny Andersson former policeman and whistleblower. We track the connections between Tora and Conny as they discover their shared Swedish royal ancestry, the Swedish neutrality and deep state. What is the truth on the sinking of the Estonia? How is Sweden the centre of the deep state? What effect has 5G on us? How is it connected to Swedish telecom corruption? How can we be free and stay in good relationships? How can we come into coherence from this messiness?

118 Scientifically debunk masks, tests and jabs

Dr Andrew Kaufman blows the whistle and scientifically debunks masks, tests and jabs in this enlightening episode. He spells out in simple terms the tests and various study results and the implications. What do these tests really measure? Will the jabs be safe? Do masks protect? Get useful tips on how to keep relations harmonious and in coherence at these polarising times.

117 Back to Coherence

Why is it important to come into coherence, especially NOW? How can we use it? How do we get into coherence?
We flow with the waves of birds in murmuration as we fly high with Beate Heinkel about coherence; heart coherence, the nervous system, natural phenomena, Schumann Resonance, electromagnetic fields and other gems to support us to come back to coherence. We even get a fairy tale to contemplate on.

116 Embodied Coherence

Embodied Coherence – Discover how and why it’s important to connect with the whole of you with Rachael Talbot an expert in Network Spinal Analysis and Somatic Respiratory Integration. Rachael shares her journey from chemist to chiropractor to energy and body worker. She explains stress response, levels of healing and gives tips and strategies to release fear, stress and the importance of connecting with breath, your body and energy. What are the 12 stages of healing?