Time Perspective

Plandemic & Deep State

Planet Lockdown Coronavirus Covid-19 Quarantines Masks Pandemiic

A top German immunologist explains Covid 19, vaccines, mask wearing and the effects on our bodies in an easy way for all to understand the truth. 

113 Are we at the breaking point? w. David Icke

Are we at the breaking point? David Icke is in the house and elaborates on the plandemic which he forecasted last year in his new book ‘The Answer’. From his 30 years of experience and extensive research he connects the dots on the finance system, World Economic Forum, viccane and cioved, climate change hoax and the draconian agenda. Are you ready to own nothing and rent your life from the (deep) state?  What is programming doing to your subconscious? Hear what we can do to break free!

103 Oppose the Narratives to be Whole

Question, question, question and oppose – why this is vital and essential to be ‘whole’. As the covid narrative is being pushed questioning is what will set us free. We rant on why we can no longer trust (should we have ever trusted!) what we see, read and hear from any external source. We explore about a whole new way of being empowered and sovereign. In other words we declutter the old to be ‘whole’.

121 Ascension, Election & Child Trafficking w. Laura Eisenhower

Laura Eisenhower enthusiastically reveals what’s going on in the United States, and connects it to the cosmic and global ascension process. We chat about the election, Fox News, child trafficking and child sexual abuse and what it means for humanity from different perspectives. What is in the astrology for the rest of 2020 and into 2021? How are we being hijacked by the cabal and what can we do about it?

120 Time to Shine Our Light to Thwart Terror Attacks w. Ole Dammegård

See the signs and synchronicities with Ole Dammegaard as he shares on how it’s time to shine our light to thwart terror attacks. He walks us through the signs symbols and technology that are, or feel, out of place and coherence. We follow him through two days in Sweden in early November and the sequel to the terror attack in Vienna and the connection to the USA. He talks about the challenge of travel, security and the fear that arises, Notre Dame fire and the significance of shoes!

119 Track the truth to Freedom of deep state Sweden w. Conny Andersson

Track the truth of deep state Sweden with Conny Andersson former policeman and whistleblower. We track the connections between Tora and Conny as they discover their shared Swedish royal ancestry, the Swedish neutrality and deep state. What is the truth on the sinking of the Estonia? How is Sweden the centre of the deep state? What effect has 5G on us? How is it connected to Swedish telecom corruption? How can we be free and stay in good relationships? How can we come into coherence from this messiness?

106 Enlightenment – The Time is Now w. Sacha Stone

“Is the deer crossing the road, or is the road cutting through the forest?” In this iconic episode Sacha Stone shares his embodied wisdom of the present circumstances, what led to them and what’s to come. We stand on the line in the sand! Which timeline do you choose?

It’s time for stillness within and action without.  To not judge but to witness with curiosity and compassion.  To not consent to any violation to our sovereign living being. The time is NOW!

150 Who is behind the unhidden doors? w. David Icke

David Icke the world known English conspiracy theorist and author is back in the house for our 150th episode to reveal who is behind the unhidden doors. We open the door into the matrix and outline the consciousness of todays ‘real life’ Mr Smith and his handlers. Why do they want to ‘build back better’? Why was Trump a success for the cabal? Why are the whites, Christianity and Royals targeted big time in the west? What is the role of Meghan Markle? What has happened to our police? What does David do next?

166: Is surviving the spike proteins an inside job? w. Ole Dammegard

Is surviving the spike proteins an inside job or is it a divide and conquer scam? With Ole Dammegard: Truth Seeker, Code Breaker and Peacemaker. Ole shares experiences of what happens when you surrender into the inner zone of being.  We discuss spike proteins, magnetic arms and links to AI.  What does the future hold? Are the vaxxed dangerous for the unvaxxed? Can peace conquer all? Can the vax create zombies? What does the pineal gland have to do with this? How can we be inspired by Gandhi and other gurus?

170 Magnetism, Shedding and Connection w. Dr. Christiane Northrup

Magnetism, Shedding and Connection with Christiane Northrup M.D a pioneer in women’s health and anti vaccine advocate. We chat about the strange goings on with the graphite particles in all things Covid. The great work some of her colleagues are doing to bring awareness of the true science. Is it dangerous to be around those vaccinated? How can we be safe around those who are shedding? How and why are people brain washed?  What does the future bring and what is the best we can do? What are we not seeing, or don’t want to see?