I am a Procrastinator by Pam Lob

A chapter from Procrastination Begone.
In fact at times I’m an excellent procrastinator and can keep myself from doing things that once I get started I actually really enjoy…  Read more 

Vi är alla ledare – av Susana Silverhøj

Vi är alla ledare i våra egna liv. En sanning som kan vara svår att acceptera då vi vuxit upp i en tid där mycket ses som samhällets eller vår uppväxts fel och ansvar. Många av oss har mist mycket av vår egen kraft och blivit offer för omvärldens val och omständigheter. Jag var en av dem… Read more 


Introduction to Holy F*ck and Sacred Water by Tora Zophia Silverhoj & Ulrika Karlsson

Holy F*ck and Sacred Water could be considered a theory of Everything. Life is a multidimensional journey to master empowerment, freedom, and flow in our everyday lives. We can master these by unifying our inner spark with sacred water. This then creates the magical life force within us or what we call “The Holy F*ck.”… Start reading

From Money with Love by Tora Zophia (previously Susana) Silverhoj

How is your relationship with money?
Does money flow freely and abundantly into your life?
If not, then this is the book for you.

The power of the From Money With Love letters comes from a large group of light workers and their collective intention to activate prosperity consciousness in the world. When people come together with intentions like these, they can change the world for the better… Read more

Heart Ache is the Greatest Gift by Tora Zophia (previously Susana) Silverhoj

On the 28th of January 2009 I got pregnant. What a joy. When I took the pregnancy test a few weeks later I couldn’t believe it –such love was floating through me. I was sitting on the bathroom floor, watching a blue line on a stick and I fell totally and unconditionally in love with this little embryo. Read more… 

Time to Rise – Compilation of authors

28 Soul-Stirring Stories of Personal Growth and Professional Transformation That Will Help You Find Your Purpose and Live Your Best Life.

We can rise only after we fall.
Life has a way of holding us back. Regardless of our backgrounds, setbacks have the potential to prevent us from reaching our full potential. … Read more

Goodness Grace & Great Thoughts on Fire by Tora Zophia (previously Susana) Silverhoj

Introduction and first chapter.
You’re invited to experience and expand into no more good or bad, positive and negative. All is good – for the highest good!

Have you ever asked yourself: What life is about, who you are and how you can feel whole and free?  … Read more

Flow Food by Tora Zophia (previously Susana) Silverhoj

What is Flow Food and why it’s important for your health and wellbeing?

Plus Tora Zophia’s fibromyalgia journey … Read more

Footsteps for Freedom by Tora Silverhoj & Pam Lob

Footsteps for Freedom is an extensive book in which we explore some of the traps and ways we are hijacked, deceived, spells cast and programmed to stay in the Matrix.

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Voyagers Vol I by Ashayanan Deane 

The Sleeping Aductress

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Voyagers Vol II by Ashayanan Deane

The Secrets of Amenti

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Behold a Pale Horse  by Milton William Cooper

Bill Cooper, former United States Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member, reveals information that remains hidden from the public eye. This information has been kept in topsecret government files since the 1940s. His audiences hear the truth unfold as he writes about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the war on drugs, the secret government, and UFOs.

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Pied Pipers of Babylon by Verl K. Speer

An examination of the creation of the Federal Reserve Trust and its subsequent control over American politics and culture.

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Babylon’s Banksters by Joseph P Farrell

A comprehensive outline of the evidence for a group of international monetary elites that have attempted to control the destiny of human affairs throughout history with banking and physics.

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Financial Vipers of Venice  by Joseph P Farrell

In this sequel to Joseph P. Farrell’s Babylon’s Banksters, the banksters have moved from Mesopotamia via Rome to Venice. There, they have manipulated popes and bullion prices, clipped coins, sacked Constantinople, destroyed rival Florence, waged war, burned “heretics,” and suppressed hidden secrets threatening their financial supremacy . . . until Giordano Bruno and Christopher Columbus broke the banking cartel’s control of information and bullion.
The modern global economy, with its bonds, annuities, bills of exchange, alchemical paper “fiat money,” bullion, wage-slavery, national debts, private central banking, stock brokerages, and commodities exchanges, in a sense began in the Middle Ages, for all these institutions began for quite perceptible and specific reasons during that time.

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Zeitgeist 2025 by Thomas R. Horn

Before and after the presidency of Donald Trump, the United States was―and now is again―on an intentional trajectory to fulfill what famous Freemason Manly P. Hall described as The Secret Destiny of America. Hall’s book includes future national and global subservience to the god of Freemasonry, a deity most Americans would not imagine when reciting the pledge of allegiance to “one nation under God.” Unknown to most Americans and certainly many Christians is the fact that the Great Seal of the United States is a prophecy hidden in plain sight by the Founding Fathers for more than two hundred years, foretelling the return of this terrifying, demonic god who seizes control of Earth in the New Order of the Ages. This supernatural entity was known and feared in ancient times by different names: Apollo, Osiris, and even farther back as Nimrod, whom Masons consider to be the father of their institution.

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Elohim The Archtype (Original) Pattern of the Universe by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

Explanation of “momentous, prophecy-fulfilling events” and the inevitable revelation of Yahshua, the Messiah from Heaven.

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Redemption Manual

Will teach you about the process that will take you from being a debtor slave on the plantation to a secured party creditor.

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Non Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allan

None Dare Call It A Conspiracy will be a very controversial book. At first will receive little publicity and those whose plans are exposed in it will try to kill it by the silent treatment. For reasons that become obvious as you read this book, it will not be reviewed in all the “proper” places or be available on your local bookstand.

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Analysis of Current Financial Events

The current monetary system has a debt foundation, which is collapsing in lockstep with the rapid breakdown in the sovereign bond market. The last four years have seen a long drawn-out unstoppable process, where the collapse cannot be avoided and must happen.

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Cashflow Quadrant by Robert T Kiyosaki

A Guide to financial Freedom.
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The Creation Formula by Jarrard Hewitt

Complete Healing adnd Creation System
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Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth’s Lost Civilization
by Graham Hancock

Hancock embarks on a worldwide quest to put together all the pieces of the vast and fascinating jigsaw of mankind’s hidden past. In ancient monuments as far apart as Egypt’s Great Sphinx, the strange Andean ruins of Tihuanaco, and Mexico’s awe-inspiring Temples of the Sun and Moon, he reveals not only the clear fingerprints of an as-yet-unidentified civilization of remote antiquity, but also startling evidence of its vast sophistication, technological advancement, and evolved scientific knowledge.
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Magicians of the Gods  by Graham Hancock

Near the end of the last Ice Age 12,800 years ago, a giant comet that had entered the solar system from deep space thousands of years earlier, broke into multiple fragments. Some of these struck the Earth causing a global cataclysm on a scale unseen since the extinction of the dinosaurs. At least eight of the fragments hit the North American ice cap, while further fragments hit the northern European ice cap. The impacts, from comet fragments a mile wide approaching at more than 60,000 miles an hour, generated huge amounts of heat which instantly liquidized millions of square kilometers of ice, destabilizing the Earth’s crust and causing the global Deluge that is remembered in myths all around the world. A second series of impacts, equally devastating, causing further cataclysmic flooding, occurred 11,600 years ago, the exact date that Plato gives for the destruction and submergence of Atlantis.
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Initiation by Elizabeth Haich

An illuminating autobiography that connects 20th century European life of internationally beloved teacher Elisabeth Haich and her lucid memories of initiation into the hidden mystical teachings of the priesthood in ancient Egypt. A compelling story within a story emerges detailing the life experiences that catalyzed her spiritual path.
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The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception by Marguerite Mary Rigoglioso

Delving into one of the Virgin Mary’s forgotten gospels, the Infancy Gospel of James, Marguerite Mary Rigoglioso, Ph.D., reveals a truth that has been suppressed for nearly two millennia: that Mother Mary was not a passive bystander to her own pregnancy but an advanced member of a sacred order of women trained in divine conception.
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The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall, J. Augustus Knapp

The Secret Teachings of All Ages is perhaps the most comprehensive and complete esoteric encyclopedia ever written. The sheer scope and ambition of this book are stunning. In this book Manly P. Hall has successfully distilled the essence of more arcane subjects than one would think possible. He covers Rosicrucianism and other secret societies, alchemy, cryptology, Kabbalah, Tarot, pyramids, the Zodiac, Pythagorean philosophy, Masonry, gemology, Nicholas Flammel, the identity of William Shakespeare, The Life and Teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, The Qabbalah, The Hiramic Legend, The Tree of the Sephiroth & Mystic Christianity,
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The Terra Papers  by Robert Morning Sky

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