My-Story / Mystery

We have spent the last 2 moons looking back at His story and Her story from a historical perspective.  It’s now time to claim our own stories. 

My story is also a Mystery. The magical space that comes from the masculine and feminine when they unite. We go into the mystery of life, realities hidden behind the veils and xplore the infinite possibilites…

A group of us discuss history and how it’s biased.

“As all human beings are ruled by their emotions, opinions, and political and religious affiliations, subsequently all history is comprised of as much opinion as fact and, in many cases, has been entirely fabricated for the furthering of the author’s personal ambitions or secret agenda.” Kathleen McGowan

Body Perspective

Ullis and Tora shares their healing stories and about the power and magic of the body.

Mind Perspective

Tora and Karen spoke about their out of the box way of thinking and how that often manifests in their immediate environment.  We find ourselves constantly drawn into the curious nature of things on our path, and how the magic then may appear in the synchonised pattern of signs around us as we connect and align within the nature of things.   

Emotion Perspective

Tora and Pam unleash the emotional mind field of disconnection, over connection, discernment and projection as they share their own emotional rollercoaster of their lives. 

Heart Perspective

Pam and Beate share our admiration for the mystery of the heart and honour that its still a mystery and it is our greatest gift as it’s where live begins. 

Divine Perspective

Nature Perspective

Tora and Karen spoke about the repeated patterns within nature, and how we connect to the sacred geometry of things through sound and vibration.  Like the perfect pattern of a spider web and how it connects to perfection. As do the roots of a tree and the hum of a bumble bee, we are connected to the magnificence of nature, we are nature as we perfect and reflect back our soul sound.

Vibration Perspective

Ullis and Beate share about their ideas on vibration as a link to all, as the base of our communication and as the underlying frequency of the dance of consciousness, the vibration of life itself in all that is.

Grid Perspective

Henrik and Beate go to the areas beyond the so called normal, the…. lines in Peru and they take you on a journey to portals through interdimensional travel. 

Space Perspective

Tora and Karen reflected on the space in between the space, the silence and how often it is within that deepness we find our breath. It is within that ascending breath we  align ourselves and discover the art of magic and the miracles appear.  As we dive deep into the black hole the void, we discover another world, the other side of the coin if you like.

Time Perspective

Ullis and Pam explore time. Do they have too much, too little or is it a moveable feast? 

Word Perspective

Tora and Karen reflected on the spells that have been cast to distort the meaning and action of words and their power.  The original sound/tones came from our soul sound and was our communication and connection to everything in existence.  To anchor your soul sound into the earth keeps you in perfect balance and harmony.    

Finance and Business Perspective

Beate and Pam share about the intrinsic value of money.  We give money today value even though in reality it has none. What in the future can we do differently? We wait for the sacred economy to unfold.
Beate speaks about Charles Eisenstein:

“Spirituality, in other words, is not about that which is beyond materiality; it is about what the modern worldview does not recognize or cannot see. It therefore has everything to do with economics. Customarily modern people think of spirituality as something outside of relations of money, matter, and the flesh, but it should be about reclaiming their sacred dimension. What other Great Reset is worth attempting?” Charles Eisenstein 

AI and Technology Perspective

Ullis and Tora chat about chipping, transhumans, 5G, implants and how we can take the power back from the machines and use the technology for the highest good of all.