History  / His-story

The history we are taught is very heavily masculine biased and we want to broaden and balance our perspectives. We have entered a new age where the polarity energies of the masculine and feminine are uniting. We want to chat about traditions and what needs to change for them to unite and the new earth to thrive. In this months theme we focus on his story.

A group of us discuss history and how its biases.

“As all human beings are ruled by their emotions, opinions, and political and religious affiliations, subsequently all history is comprised of as much opinion as fact and, in many cases, has been entirely fabricated for the furthering of the author’s personal ambitions or secret agenda.” Kathleen McGowan

Body Perspective

Mind Perspective

Oliver and Beate explores the unconscious masculine and feminine and how mind and words are linked together. How has thinking become the master of mankind, today?

Emotion Perspective

Karen and Pam share how in history and in our own history we became disconnected from our emotions.

Heart Perspective

Tora and Oliver share their story of how they met and some of their pearls of how they have managed to stay together for almost 20 years – and still going strong!

Divine Perspective

Tora and Beate dive deep into the history of the divine, hijacking of religion and the removal of the feminine

Nature Perspective

Pam and Tora discuss the effects of pollution and the latest issue of masks being discarded everywhere. Tora shares about a local spot that was reclaimed in the name of history but destroyed nature in the process.

Vibration Perspective

Oliver and Pam chat about history and vibration. The lack of feminine vibration in the historical narrative and what is emerging from very ancient archaeological discoveries. What can we do today to maintain healthy frequencies as we are surrounded by manmade vibrations.

Grid Perspective

We talk about the time/space frequency of the grids and how that have been distorted and shut down throughout ancient and modern timeline of HisStory. The time/space frequency is now reactivated and ready for us to reconnect with pure intent and raise our vibration to the unified field of consciousness.
• Why are so many old sacred sites being uncovered, now?
• What is the difference between the interpretation of the modern and ancient grid?
• How does intuition play a role in modern interpretation?

Space Perspective

Beate and Henrik talk about the wide range of the meaning of space and how we have been talked into the belief, that space is always empty.

Time Perspective

Tora and Karen chat about timelines, time hijacking, bending time, distortion of timelines and the number 13. How can we get back in balance and harmony with time?

Word Perspective

Beate and Pam look at the history of language, our different interpretations and the hijacking of words. We look at what we can do to reclaim the positive energy.

Finance and Business Perspective

Tora and Karen speak about the spell on money of the past and the new money grid we can amplify and co-create together.

AI and Technology Perspective

Beate and Pam discuss how technology has developed over their life times and look at the positive and negative aspects of AI in the future.