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Leaderhood & New Conscious Business Insights

061 Multi Passionate Hats

​The new experts wear many hats as they embrace wholeness and sovereignty. We predict the ‘niched expert’ community will become an old outdated hat! We multi passionately believe in wholeness, sovereignty and everyone is an expert in their own life. Time has come to grow up, leave your comfort zone and dependence on others decisions of what is right for us.  Give yourself a larger multi layered hat.

051 Challenges and Benefits of an Online Business

​With 30 years of experience between us of working online we know the challenges and benefits of bringing business online.  We honestly share our frustrations about the myths of how easy it is to get a multi million dollar business quickly and effortlessly. We also explore the potential and possibilities in different areas including writing, podcasting, coaching, mentoring and counselling, selling products and courses etc. Why are we working online? We love the freedom and worldwide connections.

005 Leadership, Leaderhood and Passion

​In this enthralling episode Oliver, Susana and Pam dive deep into the difference between leadership and leaderhood and how passion is an essential factor for success.

042 Full Throttle and Being a Quitter w. Datta Groover

Today Oliver and Pam have the pleasure of speaking with the Best selling and award winning Author of Different Datta Groover. Datta shares about his diverse life and many careers. He talks about going full throttle after your dreams and the importance of quitting. We also dive into people pleasing and procrastination and how to get rid of both.

070 Turn your Mess into Your Message w. Genecia Alluora

Tap into some Asian Feminine Empowerment with Genecia Alluora from Singapore.  She supports women to bring their business online and transform their mess into their message and shine their light. We have a girly chat about the F…’s and the challenges women the world over face as they step in front of the camera or microphone. Genecia shares her tips and wisdom to success and the trends we are all seeing.  

064 Life as Full time Yachties w. Leanne Hembrow

​In this ocean going episode we chat with Leanne of yoga4yachties. Leanne and her husband have spent the last 12 years living on a yacht and travelling the world. Leanne shares how yoga became a large and vital part of their lives. We chat about the joys and challenges of living on board a yacht.

058 Create Empowerment in Boardroom and Bedroom w. Anne Bland

​Enjoy Anne Blands intimate story of becoming selflessly happy through sexual satisfaction and seasoning her life. Oliver and Susana chat with Anne about living from our passions and unique genius, living green and sustainable, connected and follow the cycles of nature in our everyday life. Anne share about her life journey as a politician, burn-out experience, sustainable lifestyle in Finland and new juicy path in England.

054 Let your Heart lead you back into Alignment w. Suzie Cobden

​Suzie Cobden shares her story of shifting from being an employee to following her hearts guidance into the unknown. Where did she find support and guidance? How can a Nanna like her, suddenly change into making a living online? We chat about how to befriend your mind and let your heart lead you back into alignment the live the impossible life in your way.

050 How to Leave it all Behind w. Monika Mundell

​Monika Mundell, a nomadic entrepreneur, tells her story on how she and her husband decided to sell up, leave the stress of owning multiple properties and working long hours to travel the world. Monika shares some of the many amazing experiences they have had embracing local culture and customs and how she has maintained and developed a successful business. Hear her insights in how to manifest and live in the now.

026 From Broke to Joy w. Justin & Nicole Dennis

​We are joined by Justin and Nicole, two fun loving Aussies who are living life to the full and have found joy in more ways than one, after facing major health and financial challenges. Justin shares the importance of passion and  knowing your why and what you want for yourself, family and community. Also the value of community in times of challenge. They also speak about the benefits of having a way of earning that produces a residual and leveraged income.

014 Leadership Mindset for Entrepreneurs w. Anna Parker-Naples

In this episode the podcast queen Anna Parker-Naples shares her journey from being bound to a wheelchair for life to being a walking, talking celebrity with her brand ‘Get Visable’. We chat about the importance of changing our mindset and how by doing so transformation happens quickly. Anna gives great examples on how you can discover your passion, dreams and the possibilities for success.​

012 Clarity, Success & Presence w. Jamie Smart

​We chat with Sunday Times best selling author, speaker and coach Jamie Smart in this zen episode. Jamie shares his touching story from the depths of despair to great success and his light bulb moments on the necessity of clarity to obtain results.

006 Success through Inner Business w. Linda Bjork

​Linda shares her views on impossible which she spells as “I’m possible” 
We dive deep into intuition and to how we connect with it, including focusing on the why rather than the how!   
Linda talks on the concept of how the combination of mindfulness and inner business are essential for true success.
 We also discuss how daring to be crazy is a necessity to stay sane! Listen to our first epic episode in our chatshow now!