Western society leads us to believe our minds are the centre of our being. But this is far from the truth. 
In this moons theme on the mind we explore the mind from the 13 perspectives

A group of us come together to chat about the mind.
We have a laugh as we look at ways the mind works, controls us or not:
Mind your own business, mind the gap, do you mind the mind, clear body clear mind. Are you out of your mind? .

Body Perspective

Henrik and Beate talk about the effects of the body on the mind and the importance of a clear body to have a clear mind. We talk about the toxic load in our environment and how to do first steps to feel better.

Mind Perspective

What does the mind think about itself and how does it respond to itself and others. How can we shape the mind to support us better in our integration of ourself in all perspectives.

Emotion Perspective

Tora and Pam chat about how emotions effect the mind and the pitfalls of connecting too much or not enough with the emotions or being to reliant on the mind. We also look into manifestation and why it frequently doesn’t work.

Heart Perspective

Karen & Henrik xplores the amazing realm of the heart of man-kind and nature and how the freedom in the mind begin when the mind surrenders to the innate intelligence of the heart and the guidance comming from that realm and how that aligns with sacred flow and syncronicity and much more.

Divine Perspective

Pam and Oliver look at how the mind effects the divine and how the divine effects the mind. We examine how religion has been hijacked by the mind and how to explore your relations with the divine.


Nature Perspective

Ullis and Tora chat about how nature is the best tool to clear our minds and what they do to do it!

Vibration Perspective

Ullis and Beate talk about how we live in an ocean of vibration, frequencies that nurture our mind and frequencies that harm us. We talk about the importance to connect with Gaia to free our mind

Grid Perspective

Beate and Karen talk about the difference between natural and manufactured grids and how it changes the course of our energy flow. And the power of a fear grid through signs and technology.

Space Perspective

Beate and Pam chat on where the mind is in space and how it defines and defies space.

Time Perspective

Karen and Pam get lost in time as we look at its illusion and our relationship with time and how it is shaped by the mind.

Word Perspective

Oliver and Tora chat about the power of the word of the mind and no mind…..

Finance and Business Perspective

Pam and Ullis dive into the heady world of finance and business. How it has come from a place of ego, competition, male energy and lack
with little to no heart or connection with the body. We also discuss how this is and must change for a future we desire to be part of.

AI and Technology Perspective

Oliver and Beate talk about the great impact AI has on our mind and how already a Navigation system stops us from training our orientation