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Electromagnetic radiation

024 Find ways to follow your dreams and passion w. Angelika Roberts

​Actress and screen writer Angelika Roberts shares her story of moving from the glamour of Hollywood back to her roots as she followed her passion and heart. She describes what helps to keep her passions creativity and focus alive in harder times. Oliver and Sanna ask about her latest projects including her Greta’s B&B and discuss her latest documentary project about 5G.

025 Are you EMF Sensitive?

​Today Susana shares her story on how she has become highly EMF sensitive and how this effects her daily life. We look at the symptoms from wifi and cell phones. We are electro magnetic beings so Electro Magnetic Fields are naturally part of life, but its manmade EMF that effect the health and balance of our body’s.  We discuss what we can do to protect ourselves whilst still benefiting from the use of technology like our mobile phones and computers.