Heart Perspective

Art & Creativity

024 Find ways to follow your dreams and passion w. Angelika Roberts

​Actress and screen writer Angelika Roberts shares her story of moving from the glamour of Hollywood back to her roots as she followed her passion and heart. She describes what helps to keep her passions creativity and focus alive in harder times. Oliver and Sanna ask about her latest projects including her Greta’s B&B and discuss her latest documentary project about 5G.

048 Courage to be Creative w. Arsenio Siani

​In this artistic episode, Oliver and Susana chat with Arsenio – author of 11 books over the past 6 years, with more to come. He shares his creative process of going within, deep listening, and about the courage to dream your life into manifestation.  We discussed the difficulties of the lockdown in Italy due to the Corona Virus, given the Italian culture of large family get togethers.

093 Capture the Essence of Creativity

​We dive not so deep into how we are all creative and what it means to each one of us, from cooking and not following recipes to photography, shell collecting and different types of art. This podcast itself is creation in process and we feel this is part of its success.  What are you going to create today?

092 Secrets to Catching the essence of Nature w. Marielle van Dop

​at Live the Impossible Show we connect with naturephotographer, writer and earthwoman Marielle van Dop we Catch the essence of nature in the northern north through the lens of joy. Marielle shares her compelling story of moving from the Netherlands to live in a light house in the farthest north of Norway. She shares her tips and secrets of how to capture the essence of nature with a camera and the intrusiveness of working with people.

091 Author Secrets – Write for the right reasons!

Oliver quizzes Tora and Pam about the pros and cons of becoming an author and the different routes to publishing. We share some hidden secrets and pit falls that you won’t hear anywhere else. Do you want to write? Do you want an expensive and time consuming business card? Learn from our mistakes and write for the right reasons!

090 A Feminine Way to Co-create a book w. Ulrika Karlsson

On Live the Impossible Show Tora becomes a guest together with Ullis Karlsson her co-author in the new book Holy F*ck and Sacred Water. They chat about the feminine way to cocreate a book and the benefits of collaborating for the creative process and personal transformation and how the book would have been very different if written alone and in a more traditional way. What is a feminine way of writing and where is the balance with the masculine? How do we create the spark for a masterpiece?

089 Let the Music Play You w. Seram Saks

Seram Saks takes us on a journey through the wilderness of excuses of why we never get creative. Learn how to see through your own bypassing and hear how we are standing on the edge of a silent revolution around letting out your inner artist. Seram  shares how he has stopped his excuses and started playing several instruments in a short span of time. Hear his secrets to this.

088 From opera diva to Sound Magician w. Sólrún Braga

​At Live the Impossible Show we hear the healing songs and life story of how an opera diva transformed into a Sound Magician. We listen to Sólrún Bragas magical world travelling journey through the traditional opera houses, husbands and healing work and use of her voice to liberation, flow and creativity. We get a backstage view of the opera world and the opera house cultures and its dirty little secrets. We tune into an experience her magic in her music and enjoy her multidimensional wisdom in this extravaganza episode.

087 Play to be a Genius

​At Live the Impossible Show we have fun and release our inner child as we look at the importance of play to be creative and live your fullest. We go down the nerdy path of scientific studies on why play is important for bringing the creative genius out of you and what happens when you don’t. And with this we created peace on earth.

086 Acting as a Healing Tool w. Eva Ekengren

​We are joined by Eva Shana Ekengren a Swedish actress, director and meditator who shares how acting can be used as a powerful healing tool. She explains the paradox of how in the acting world the need to tap into your own emotions to enhance the part can cause feelings of shame and block emotional development for an actor.  We playfully explore how this can be transformed with authenticity, vulnerability and transparency to help you feel whole and more alive.

060 Dare to be Creative, Bonkers and Colourful w. Nancy Stevens

​A colourful chat with the many hat wearing creative Nancy Stevens on not fitting in and being seen as bonkers and colourful, but this has not stopped her. She was in good company with Pam and Susana. She shares her eventful life story with all its ups and downs. Alongside her passion for the arts and how to feel good with how you look. We discuss the challenges of not fitting inside the box and being tall poppies.  

042 Full Throttle and Being a Quitter w. Datta Groover

Today Oliver and Pam have the pleasure of speaking with the Best selling and award winning Author of Different Datta Groover. Datta shares about his diverse life and many careers. He talks about going full throttle after your dreams and the importance of quitting. We also dive into people pleasing and procrastination and how to get rid of both.

040 Keys to Live the Hollywood Dream w. Alex Feldman

​From Alex Feldman we learn about the key elements allowing him to become a successful actor and director in Hollywood and New York. He talks about the creative acting community and the changes, struggles and opportunities in the industry. He also shares tips and advice for beginners who want to get into the artist industry and the mistakes people make as they try to find work in any situation.

036 How to be Creative, Happy & Successful w. Jon Century

​Our household Magical musician Jon Century shares how he materialised his childhood dream of being a musician in Hollywood, California.  Jon, Oliver and Susana chat about how to be happy for no reason, living outside the box of so called normality and the different shades of success. We cover the need to step away from others expectations and opinions to unleash your own dreams, passions and unique genius.