Wholyland Agreements

Wholyland is a sacred space and it is a safe space within the law of nature.

Communities have existed since very ancient times but modern life destroyed the intuitive culture of sacred gatherings. We have lost more and more the intuitive knowledge of how to come together and live in truth and do no harm.

Our aim in Wholyland is to remember and reactivate who we truly are.  We come together in leaderhood with honour and respect for each others unique genius.

We hold no specific philosophy, method or belief system. We encourage us all to be open and to question everything to find our truths, sovereignty and freedom.

We have created 13 commitments, to ground this exploration and to provide safety, trust and innerstand who we really are.


We are introducing some new terminology, the full explanation can be found in Wholy Words.


— I respect and honour the holy space of the Wholyland and its sacred nature
— I surrender to the holy space of the Wholyland
— I respect the Unique essence and Sovereignty of each sister and brother
— I honour the Unique essence and Sovereignty of the community
— I embrace Blissapline for myself and the Wholyland

— I keep what we share confidential and in high integrity
— I do not gossip
— I keep what has been shared personally by others, within the Wholyland
— I spread Wholyland ideas and wisdom without compromising anybody
— I happily share what is moving within me, my own feelings and experiences without naming other sisters and brothers

— I listen to others and receive their energy
— I do not judge or try to fix anyone nor will I give them advice unless they ask for it
— I do not reject a dissenting opinion but rather stay curious and open to learn more
— I accept mine and others Boundaries
— I honour mine and others Uniqueness

— I believe the amplified field of consciousness from the Wholyland co-creates wisdom and a higher vibration far beyond my own magnetic field
— I believe the amplified field of consciousness from the Wholyland reactivates my DNA
— I gratefully accept the knowing that by nurturing and embracing myself, I abundantly give more to others
— I trust the collective power of Wholyland responds to what is for my mastery and highest good
— I trust the reactivation of divine DNA in humans is for the highest good of all

— I take radical responsibility for my own journey in Wholyland
— I am open to expansion and ready to leave my comfort zone
— I contemplate where I am in each moment and stay authentic and open
— I agree the reality I experience is my manifestation, I therefore take ownership of this and I am responsible for change
— I agree we all co-create the energetic field of Wholyland and take responsibility for this Manifestation

— I am aware of my shadows and wounding filtering all incoming information to keep me safe
— I am willing to look at and own my shadows
— I ask the circle to support me to embrace and own my shadows to allow my Genius to flourish
— I trust others will call on my shadows from a place of compassion and love
— I call others on their shadows from a place of compassion and love

— I forgive myself for every hurt and pain that I have caused myself and others
— I acknowledge my past hurts from others are a gift to my awakening and that everyone does the best with what they have
— I recognise every hurt has a meaning and I accept it as so

Trust Intuition
— I speak from the ‘I’ and I share in honesty and straight from my heart, not holding anything back
— I contemplate my feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations
— As an Energy Master I can discern what are my story/judgements and what is intuition for the highest good of all
— I trust my intuitive insights. At the same time I am aware of my energetic body filters and my free will to choose
— I do not impose my insights on others, but happily share them for the highest good of all
— I learn to discern what is mine and what is an others

Conflict Resolution
— I solve conflicts as quickly and directly as possible
— I establish a safe space within
— I use words such as: “I am feeling… and this is what I desire” to come back into connection
— I stay in communication with the community when there is a conflict even though my instinct is to withdraw
–I do not hide, when I feel hurt, but reach out for support

Commitment of participation
— I participate actively
— I stay updated on materials and prepare for calls
— I respect the time schedules
— I am fully present and focused
— I make myself visible (video camera on for calls)
— I participate in written communications
— I release myself into the rituals of entering and leaving the sacred space

Intention with Co-creation
— I ask for help if I need it
— I stay open and curious about others point of view
— I agree I am here to grow and I support others in their growth
— I acknowledge the synergy empowers my life and reality
— I am aware the amplified field raises my vibration and has a multi dimensional ripple effect to the collective

Future Vision
— I trust my genius to lead my future – clearing the mud so the Genius can shine
— I dedicate myself to be of maximum service to God/Source/Universe/Sophia and my fellow human beings
— I live in a manner that sets the highest example for others to be empowered
— I remain an open channel of Sophia’s Will
— I embrace my Volcanic Dragon and go forth with the fire of enthusiasm, excitement and passion

These are sacred commitments for ourselves and Wholyland to honour and respect in natural law.

From our heart to yours we are bound.


The Wholyland Council has the right to terminate a membership if they feel a member endangers other members or misuses the site in anyway.