His Story

The history we are taught is very heavily masculine biased and much of it is just a story. It’s hard to determin what are the true facts.
We have entered a new age where the polarity energies of the masculine and feminine are uniting. We chat with Live the Impossible Show guests about traditions and what needs to change for the masculine and feminine to unite and the new earth to thrive.

The Feminine Presence in His-Story

The in-between existence of the feminine presence attributed within the male dominant aspect of His-story, is also a place where the roles of wife, mother, sister and daughter hold the potential of immense value and power of a cultural significance.

Despite the ambiguous in-between situation of women and men within society, the power of the feminine presence is never far from the surface in any cultural timeline attributed to His-story whether oppressed or admired.   Read more…


History – Is it the Truth?

History is a story of the past whether it is 1 minute or 1 million years ago. Today 20th January 2021 will always be remembered in history as the inauguration of the 46th President of the the United States Joe Biden. Will he be the last ever president of the USA? Who knows at this point. What we do know is the present system is not working.  Read more..


2021 Money grid creation – the dark spell is gone and how we win WW3

There is a WW3 going on at this time on the planet. Information is heavily censured and false information is spread like a plague with an agenda of the “Great Reset” by the elite/Cabal/Deep state – or whatever we want to call them.

Police arrest and harm people for not wear masks or for not follow restrictions. It is a war between the people and the deep state. And most people are not even aware of it. They still believe in the pandemic narrative and that most countries are democratic!

Money is the deep state´s greatest weapon to manipulate and control the narratives and keep us enslaved. Money is also powerful tool to keep us divided and polaratised and at war against each other. “Lame stream media” of the world is owned by the elite – by the same six companies. All states are private companies that is created for profit.  Read more…


Modern Day Slavery

History suggests slavery disappeared with the abolition of slavery act in Great Britain on 28th August, 1833 and in the USA on December 18, 1865 with the adoption of the 13th amendment into the US Constitution. However, slavery does continue and it can be argued on many levels that we are all slaves to the system. The proposed Great Reset and one world government also looks like a form of slavery.  Read more…

133 Alien Love Bite and/or Energy Vampire? w. Eve Lorgen

Eve Lorgen, author, hypnotherapist and anomalous trauma researcher, reveals experiences and signs of Alien Love Bites, Energy Vampires and narcissistic abuse. We chat about abductions, implants, alien technology, dream spells, twin flames, love obsessions and entanglements from other dimensions. What are the signs of being bitten, used or harvested? What can you do about it? How do we reclaim our power and go from victim to be unfuckwithable?

134 Where did the goddesses go? w. Halle Eavelyn

Where did the goddesses go? Author, global Spiritual tour leader and business strategist Halle Eavelyn passionately shares her insights of the rise of the feminine. We chat about the suppressed feminine today and in history, the patriarchic world and why geological evidence is discounted to fit the historical narrative. How can we use the masculine energy in us all? How do we use the feminine energy in us? Where is the logic and how do we discern what is the truth?

135 You, the Galactic Federation and NO Fear w. Elizabeth April

The un-labelable Elizabeth April who intuitively channels the Galactic Federation, helps us innerstand the past, present and future. We chat about the collapse of timelines, karma and dream states. She shares how to dismantle fear, handle money and 3D energies.

What can we expect in 2021?
How are we affected by Atlantis and Lemuria today?
How can we use our reptilian brain to transform the future?
How can we use the crystalline cloud to spread our message?

136 Speak up Genuinely in Public w. Victoria Lioznyansky

Victoria Lioznyansky founder of  Brilliant Speakers Academy® shares on how to Speak up Genuinely in Public. We speak about fears, shadows and false persona’s of public speaking. We chat about public speaking in the past and how and what has changed today. Victoria shares tips and tricks on good practice for public speaking.
How do you overcome the fears of public speaking?
What makes a good speech?
How do you attract the right people to listen to you?

137 Multidimensional History with Slices of bread w. Lori Spagna

Lori Ann Spagna a Spiritual Catalyst, Ascension Guide, Multi-Dimensional Channel and Animal Communicator slices a loaf of bread into Multidimensional History. We go wide and deep into our present realities, negative aliens, benevolent beings and why we need to face the dark. Lori explains the roles of animals and their service to us. How can we help animals in return? We chat about ‘lame stream’ media, different timelines, veganism, lay lines and the Schumann Resonance and the importance of choice for our future reality.

What is evil?
How do we ascend?
What are the 3 waves of light workers?
Which slice of bread do you choose?  

138 The Downer of High Rises w. Liz Bull

The Downer of High rises in the masculine world and the rise of the feminine with Life Mastery Consultant, Master Bio-Energy Healer and former lighting designer Liz Bull. We go to Las Vegas, China and follow the money through some rabbit holes of distraction, disconnection and disease of mind, thoughts and past life trauma.  What happened to women in history if they spoke up? Why do hotel carpets make your dizzy? Why does Las Vegas feel demonic? What can we do to shift the energy of money?

139 History Hijacks and Deceptions by Wholyland Council

Wholyland Council dive into history hijacks & deceptions that comes to the surface at this time. We look at how naturalness is wronged so the artificial can take over. We ask the questions; How do the wounded masculine and feminine play out? How have we been played throughout history? How is Egypt connected to the deceptions? How does language keep us as slaves? How can nose swabs and needles violate us?  

140 Awaken to the 5th Dimension and how to stay there w. Jen McCarty

Awaken to the 5th Dimension and how to stay there. Signs and Tools to Awaken to who you Really Are with Jen McCarty, a leading luminary in the ascension and twin flame community. Jen shares her kundalini experience, the mass awakening to the messy 4th dimension and how to shift into the blissful 5th of your heart. We explore loneliness and sudden deaths in the Nursing Homes, rise of the sovereign and how to discern the ego from the higher self.
What are the signs of a twin flame? How do you know if you have a kundalini awakening? What can you do to stay in a high vibration?

171 The Biggest Mind Control of WWII unravelled w. William Toel

The Biggest Mind Control of WWII unravelled by William Toel a speaker and author with experitize in politics, economics and a positive vision for Germany. William shares the unknown story of part of Bletchley Park a top secret intelligence unit in the UK during WWII aimed at destroying the German psyche forever. He is making it his mission to tell the truth to the German people and to help them wake from a long slumber and bring their true genius into the world. Were millions of German teenagers starved to death after the war? Are the German government still a puppet for the allies? How many German words were removed from use by this psyop?  How do the Germans reclaim their heart and soul?