Grid Perspective

Sacred Sites & Myst(o)ery

102 Multidimensional Archaeology and the Human Spirit w. Karen Thornton

At Live the Impossible Show we are joined by multidimensional Archaeologist extraordinaire Karen Thornton author of She Walks: A Journey of the Human Spirit. We excavate into the power of the land, sacred sites and the ancient wisdom of humanity calling us into realignment for the new paradigm.

Karen shares some of her stories of exploration around the world and her Indiana Jones experiences in deep cave systems.  She talks about the power of sound to heal and transform and how we can change the world one footprint at a time.

056 Southern France & The Sacred Prophecy w. Anaiya Sophia & Pete Wilson

​Connect with the sacredness of Southern France – the land of Cathars, Mary Magdalene and Jesus and hear the disclosure of the prophecy for the new Earth from Anaiya Sophia and Pete Wilson. We chat about the disclosure of green energy agenda, lockdown gifts and challenges and possibilities for the future. We follow the synchronicity path of the Catharic history and hear the stories of Jesus and Mary Magdalenes journey to Southern France. As well as the unfolding of the Sacred Union of the sacred masculine and feminine in this time.

044 A Feminine Way of Life w. Sudha

​Devotional singer Sudha shares about the mysteries of life and her travels around the globe as a musician and energy worker. She explains how she leads her life through her intuition and flow to determine which sacred places for her and her daughter to live. She shares about her experiences of living in Glastonbury, England, Ireland and Netherlands before moving back to Denmark. Susana, Oliver and Sudha dive into the energies of lay lines, Stargates, and legendary folks.

164 The Missing Links and Lands for our Survival w. Freddy Silva

Bring back The Missing Links and Lands for our Survival with Freddy Silva a leading researcher of ancient civilisations and sacred sites.  We travel around the planet to explore the world of the giants, the links to the stars and the Anunnaki. Freddy shares some of the signs and astronomical facts that we are getting close to another earth shift.
How are sacred sites connected through geometry, sound and consciousness? What happened to Atlantis and Lemuria? What is special about Sardinia? What is the message of the crop circles? Why does Freddy want to go to Denmark?