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“Listen and watch the world around you. Don’t be satisfied with answers others give you.” Avi

Live the Impossible Show

This show is about exploring intuitive leadership, to revolutionize our thinking, unbox ourselves from the norm, seek knowledge of how the universe works, and remember who we truly are. In other words, a show where you uncover your connection and relationship to everything. 

Discover how you, too, can create your dream life and be fully you in all your unique genius as you bring more clarity, inner peace, confidence, freedom, and excitement into your life.

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A blog in English and Swedish inspired by the book Holy F*ck and Sacred Water by Ulrika Karlsson and Tora Zophia Silverhoj.

Unfuckwithable is about how to stand up for our own power, take full responsibility for the life we want, and have the freedom and courage to say and live our own truth

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Moonly Energy Forcast

Divine Perspective

My-Story  Mystery

Time Perspective


Time Perspectives


Vibrational Perspectives

New Beginnings

Vibrational Perspectives

Freedom and Sovereignty

Body Perspectives

Health, Embodiment & Healing

Heart Perspectives

Relations & Sacred Sexuality

Life Perspectives

Balance and Coherence

Heart Perspective

Art & Creativity

Life Perspective

Wholeness & Connection

Time Perspective

Plandemic &
Deep State

Grid Perspective

Sacred Sites &

Financial Perspective

Leaderhood & New Conscious Business Insights

Space Perspective

Multidimentional,  Cosmic Reality & Channelings

Artificial Intelligence & Technology Perspective

Electromagnetic radiation

Nature Perspective

Wonder of Nature & Environment

Nature Perspective

Wonder of Nature, Conscious Travel

Divine Perspective

Empowerment, Divinity, Presence, Surrender, Flow & Synchronicity

Emotional Perspective

Self-Mastery, Shadows & reprogramming

Heart Perspective

Parenting & Conscious Education

Word Perspective

Quantum Grammar, How to be Sovereign
& Power of words

Mind Perspective

Brains, Mindfulness and Mindset


Transformational Energy