Life Perspectives

We were born as potential geniuses, but groomed to fit into the ‘Matrix’ world, until we awaken and take responsibility to live life on our own terms. We then cut the cords to that limited reality and consciously free ourselves from the old paradigm and co-create a new one.  We probably think that something is wrong with us until we allow ourselves to see the bigger picture.

Life Perspectives is a “framework” designed to awaken the development of humanity through an innerstanding of ourselves, each other, and the planet. It is a wholistic way to balance and grow in all areas of life, by creating awareness and using the natural (and artificial) systems we are part of in the form of thirteen different perspectives. The goal of the Life Perspectives is to create a guidance system that is adapted to the natural process of development rather than a method of learning. We grew up with a school system designed to support an industrial economy that valued conformity, compliance, and minimum skill attainment. Passion and curiosity do not fit into this system – and certainly has no room to speak of releasing your unique genius and exercising freedom.

Life Perspectives is the ability to experience, see and learn about life and the guidance systems around and within us – in a conscious and wholistic way.

There are not necessarily right and wrong answers, but a curiosity, playfulness and awareness about different perceptions of all areas of life, how it is connected, how we see things from different perspectives and what would be for the highest good.

As we approach, learn and grow through Life Perspectives, we open up to find our own unique potentials and truths, have compassion for others and can experience the interconnection of everything. Then it is easier to live an empowered, meaningful and freer life based on our unique Genius blueprint.

Life Perspectives framework is a base system that can be applied to all aspects of life to support you in how you can create balance between Body, Mind, Heart & Soul in relation to Time, Space & Dimensions as well as the external experiences around money, nature, technology, sacred buildings and words.


Life Perspectives can be seen as a flower. The thirteen perspectives are the petals, each petal helps us to see the world and ourselves from different perspectives. Happiness and beauty are created by the growing power of the entire bloom. Our job is to see and experience it – both within ourselves and around us.

When we are aware of all 360 degrees of life, we have an integralness or wholeness in our reality. An integral awareness is not about either/or perspective, but rather a both/and perspective. In other words embracing all perspectives. There are a lot of paradoxes in life, and we cannot innerstand it all with our minds, but every aspect of ourselves and external realities. 

To allow the impossible to become reality requires an exploration of the unknown and questioning of our beliefs and programs. Life Perspectives is our invitation to all of us to get out of our comfort zones and explore new ways to experience ourselves, the world and beyond.

Here we will play with the Life Perspectives each moon and introduce our thoughts, beliefs and perspectives on the theme. Knowing these perspectives could change and each of us can see them differently. We see it as an opportunity for us all to step out of our comfort zones, question, explore new or different realities and grow new possibilities into realities.

The Thirteen Perspectives



Our Genius can be reactivated when we have a high vibrational body perspective. For example, focusing on honoring our body with physical activity, rest and eating healthily. A high body perspective refers to how conscious we are about our body, bodily systems, our cell structure and blueprint. To be whole all our perspectives need to be physically embodied into our cellular memory. It’s about learning how to use the body’s innate perspective and to listen to its wisdom.


Our Genius can be reactivated with a high vibrational mind perspective by focusing on dreams and visions, reprogramming, using strategies, empowered thinking, knowledge and perceptions. We can become “whole brained” when we start to think holistically instead of replaying recurrent and habitual patterns that activate the same pathways. We are mindful rather than mind controlled!


Our Genius can be reactivated with a high emotional perspective – to be in contact with our own emotions, to know what we feel and when we feel it. Allowing us to be more conscious and confident, which helps us have great relations.
Emotions act as personal guides when we become aware of them and actually listen to what they have to say. They do not speak “universal truth” about how things are, but are a guide to our subconscious beliefs as they are often are based on past experiences. Emotions are not positive or negative, for wholeness we require access to the full range of emotions and to embrace and transform our shadows. 


Our genius can be reactivated with high heart perspective by being in contact with our soul, being grateful, kind and helpful. The heart’s perspective is about our individual unique souls – our own values, visions, purpose and meaning in life, our connections and relations with others, our creativity and desire etc.
The heart’s perspective has its main focus on our inspired actions, to make a difference in the world, to serve others, to help, to have a win-win mentality and to feel compassion and empathy for others.
The heart is the connection between our spirituality/divinity and our humanity.


Our Genius can be reactivated when we have high vibrational spiritual/divine perspective by meditating, being present, aligned and having contact with our higher power/spirit.
Divine perspective has the main focus on the higher consciousness we all have, that we are all one, to accept what is and to live in the present.


Our Genius can be reactivated with a high vibrational perspective of nature. Nature’s perspective is about environmental aspects (i.e. sustainability, conscious development, organic and fair products), using nature to feel good and being grounded.
What we can experience by reactivating our nature perspective is a greater sense of connection with our surroundings – both near and far. We become synchronized with nature’s pace and cycles when we are in connection and contact with it. Our bodies can heal when we walk barefoot in the grass or on the beach. When we respect animals and nature in the same way as humans, it makes life more meaningful. Nature can help us feel more balanced, whole and reduce feelings of separation, loneliness and alienation, creating a space for more joy, freedom and inner peace.


Our Genius can be reactivated with a high frequency of the vibrational perspective when we become the Energy Masters of our lives.  When we are aware of the electromagnetic fields around us, how they affect us and how to raise our own frequencies. We innerstand how sound, frequencies and universal laws function and take back the power to change the vibrations of our reality.


Our Genius can be reactivated as we live in the high frequency of the Grid perspective. Grid perspective is the awareness and knowledge of the laylines, stargates, sacred sites, the multidimensional grids and dimensions such as 3D, 5D, 7D and beyond. We transform from a carbon based body into a crystalline and diamond based vessel and can move freely in all realities.


Our Genius can be reactivated with a high vibrational space perspective. Space Perspective might sound a bit spaced out, but everything is created within a space. We have physical space around us, emotional space within us, space in mind, body, heart and soul. There is space out there in the universe. Space is what we mainly are! It is humbling to know everything we are and have is almost entirely, 99.9999999 percent empty space.
Space perspective is also about seeing the greater planetary, cosmic and energetic effects on us. For example, the power of the moon affects our ebb and flood and not just the tides.


Our genius can be reactivated with high vibrational time perspective. Time perspective is our relations to time, shifting timelines, ancestry, our history/herstory, the past and our future. New scientific research has shown that the trauma of our ancestors, at least seven generations back, lies in our DNA and affects us today. Fortunately, we have the power to change this and we can thus change not only our future but also that of our children.


Our Genius can be reactivated as we live in the high frequency of the Word perspective. We are aware of the hijacked words, the power of words, explore quantum grammar, play with documents to become sovereign and free, break contracts we do not want and create new ones.


Our Genius can be reactivated through awareness of how the Financial Perspective can support us with its abundant flow of reciprocity. We use our financial system to demonstrate the value of something. We create its energetic value and our own worth. Our business is most often how the finances enter our pockets. A high vibrational financial perspective is when what we do for a living is aligned with our higher purpose, when we have flow and ease around money and experience true prosperity of life.

It is how we use money that shows how spiritual and abundant we really are. This is what we call Conscious Profit, where we reinvest part of our profit into conscious projects and business’ to create the difference we want to see in the world. A Conscious Portfolio of goodness…

Artificial Intelligence and Technology

Our Genius can be reactivated through awareness of how the innovative artificial and technical perspective can support us. Artificial and technical perspective gives us the technical tools, such as bicycles, cars and computers. All technology is created with a purpose. It can create and even take away our freedom if misused.
Humans cannot compete with artificial intelligence and we have to find ways to work with it, to use our creativity and humanity to make us different from the machines, so they can’t take power away from us. The more whole we are, the more genius potential we can reactivate. It is when we realize that we are creative innovators, using AI and technology as a tool for planetary development, that we take our power back.
High vibrating Artificial & Technical Perspective is therefore about how we can best use AI, machines and technology to create the world we want to live in.

Click an image or the text below for a deeper exploration into the 13 Life Perspectives.

Word Perspective

Words are a major part of our lives. They are how we communicate to ourselves and others in the spoken (whether just in our heads or spoken out loud) and in written form. They have amazing power and literally have the abiliy to help us thrive or are even capble of killing us.  Many words have been hijacked and/or have become mirrored and this can have a negative effect on our being and plays a part in us being stuck in the matrix.

Mind Perspective

Western society leads us to believe our minds are the centre of our being. But this is far from the truth.
In this moons theme on the mind we explore the mind from the 13 perspectives.

My-story & Mystery

We have spent the last 2 moons looking back at His story and Her story from a historical perspective.  It’s now time to claim our own stories.

My story is also a Mystery. The magical space that comes from the masculine and feminine when they unite. We go into the mystery of life, realities hidden behind the veils and xplore the infinite possibilities…



The history we are taught is very heavily masculine biased and we want to broaden and balance our perspectives and also examine Her-stroy. We have entered a new age where the polarity energies of the masculine and feminine are uniting. We want to chat about traditions and what needs to change for them to unite and the new earth to thrive. In this months theme we focus on her-story.

On Live the Impossible Show we have examind Her-story from the perspective of men.

History – His -story

The history we are taught is very heavily masculine biased and we want to broaden and balance our perspectives. We have entered a new age where the polarity energies of the masculine and feminine are uniting. We want to chat about traditions and what needs to change for them to unite and the new earth to thrive. In this months theme we focus on his story.


New Beginnings

As we move into a new year and into the age of  Aquarius we dive into the shifts, transformations and new ways to live and perceive the world from the 13 Life Perspectives.



Disconnection from the 13 Life Perspectives

Each area of our lives are more or less disconnected from the wholeness. This means that when external forces consciously keep us disconnected from who we really are we are challenged to stand in our power and freedom as Sovereigns.

Karen and Tora goes through different ways we are disconnected in all of the 13 perspectives.

Body, mind, nature, heart, emotion, divine, vibrational, grid, space, time, financial and business, word and artificial and technological perspectives.

Each and every one of these perspectives have different traps and ways we – often unconsciously – are disconnected.

Some of these perspectives you are well aware of, others maybe less. As always, the point of this video is to allow us to see and acknowledge where we play in a realm, that is less than our fullest potential. When we live our full potential, we are less likely to fall into the traps and victimhood of outer circumstances. Instead, we take back our power, we stand our ground and know who we are – free and sovereign.