Wholy Words

Words in themselves have a manifesting energy. It is how we as individuals and as a collective define and use them that gives them their unique energy and frequency, in order for us to communicate. We are ‘mean making machines’ so we subconsciously imprint a word through our human filters and experiences. In other words: We are the ones who put meanings to words and the experiences we manifest through expressing them whether consciously, or subconsciously. Therefore if we want to change the manifestation we can use our power to change the frequency and meaning of a concept, word, or sentence.

The definition of any word comes from an individuals perspective, therefore in a dictionary for some words there can be conflicting meanings.
We want you to be aware of the meaning we as the Wholyland Council have put on certain words for clarity and clear communication. We have also invented new words to describe something NEW such as:-‘Freebration’ (the mixture of freedom, frequency and vibration) and ‘Blissipline’ (bliss + discipline).


Amplified Field

We are energetic and magnetic beings, when we come into circle our energies interact, and this creates a larger magnetic field. This is what we call the amplified field.
The vibration of this collective magnetic field is larger than the sum of the parts. This synergy effect amplifies the energy intensity and expansiveness which allows greater breakthroughs to reactivate our genius.
The amplified field brings to the surface hidden aspects of ourselves, both our geniuses and our wounds.
Interaction with others in this field can quickly trigger defence mechanisms and shadows that can be very eruptive. e.g. as when we attempt to prevent ourself from feeling unworthy.
This amplified field has a strong transforming quality that makes it easier to change our shadows into gifts. Huge breakthrough can occur, so we manifest and expand ourselves and create new collective realities.
Alone we reach a limit on our success and being able to identify our shadows but with the help of others and the amplified field it’s easier for huge breakthroughs to occur.


Ascend means to raise our consciousness. An infinite process.
To ascend we open and expand towards Sophias (God /Universe)embrace and within ourselves to who we really are.
We remember the core essence of our whole and holy selves.
On our ascension process – or awakening process – many loose connection with their physical body and material world. Therefore, as part of our ascension we need to descend as well. We reconnect to our higher selves – our Genius – and then descend back as our Genius into our bodies and lives on Earth as human beings. We embody our Divine Human selves.


Everything appears to have two polarities or extremes. These seemingly opposites are part of the same rhythm, a constant rhythmic movement between the two poles as in night and day, our breath in and out, ascend and descend, action and stillness, feminine and masculine essence.
In order to describe a property we always require a comparison to something else. e.g water is cold compared to steam, but warm compared to ice.
These natural qualities are forever changing so balance is allowing these natural cycles to unfold without resistance. Balance is a unique experience for each individual.

Balance does not mean no ups and downs. It means embracing the ever changing nature of human experience. It is the resistance to change that creates pain and suffering. Balance is the embrace of change and creates fulfilment.


Belief Sentence

A belief sentence is often subconscious. It’s a repetitive belief/statement/program that prevents us from opening to new experiences. They are a comparison, a judgement, that lead to separation.

Belief sentence examples:- I’m not beautiful – everyone is more beautiful than me.
I’m not … , everyone is more …. than me
e.g. successful, worthy, good enough etc.

It is important to identify what these individual subconscious beliefs are and question what we believe is true and false, “right and wrong”. To change our reality we become aware of these beliefs or shadows.
We have the choice to change our beliefs to more expansive and higher vibrating ones. It comes down to make a choice of what we want to believe or not.

As Energy Masters, we take back the power from external circumstances and create our own reality that feels expansive and good – for the highest good of all.



Blissipline: Daily bliss practice.
To change our reality we create new habits and new habits are created from practice. Blissipline is a practice we do daily to raise our vibration, expand our consciousness and reactivate our Genius and full potential. This higher vibration will become our new normal. The more we tap into bliss on daily basis the faster it will be integrated and become our new normal state – which is ever expanding…



Clearing is often seen as “removing, destroying, or getting rid of”. People talk about clearing out our shadows, blocks etc.
In Master Heart Temple we work with energy alchemy and the transformation of energies. When we transform stagnated or supressed energy with a so called clearing – we release its power and allow it to flow again. When we allow the energy to flow freely it becomes a powerful force. We use the energy instead of being consumed by it. We clear the resistance of it, not the energy in itself. When we see the gift in the shadow aka a different perspective, we become more whole and empowered.

A metaphor is an ice cube of stagnated energy from past hurtful experiences. If we try to destroy the ice cube it will shatter into a thousand pieces but will still be there over a larger area and the energy is still frozen. If we hold the ice cube in a loving and warming embrace it will melt on its own and will set free the stored energy. Allowing us to reclaim this energy.


Confidentiality is rising and standing in our full power and knowing/owning we have shadows. It means we have a transparency, trust and authenticity of who we are and what we do and have the confidence to share it.
We do not hide anymore. Therefore, we do not keep secrets, or have hidden agendas.

We are open and honest to what is moving for us and our lives. If we are vulnerable and communicate openly we can be here to support and love one another without judgement. This leads to peace and harmony.
Secrecy leads to a breakdown in communication and violence. This is on all levels from personal to global.

What is shared in circle stays within the circle.
We do not out the sensitive information about another as we have respect for each other. As we don’t always know what is sensitive or not for another, it’s really important not to mention names or share other information that makes someone identifiable. Take care on making assumptions about what another is thinking, or believes. We can still share our own experiences and how we feel about a situation. Sharing our thoughts and feelings leads to intimacy, beautiful and confident relationships. We can then grow together.

We keep things sacred, and treat others as we want to be treated. But we are not a “secret society”.


Contemplation is the balance between concentration/reflection (effort) and meditation (no effort) to bring about an increased awareness and clarity.

It is a time where we tune into the subconscious and allow questions to arise.
This can be sitting in silence, walking mindfully, in the shower, or as we awaken.
It is more about witnessing the questions than waiting for the answer. The focus is on the inquiry. Questions do not need to be rational, it’s about curiosity.

The deeper we dig into the questions, the more the essence becomes clear and the answers unfold effortlessly.

Contemplation also allows us to absorb, digest, integrate and embody what is here NOW. The answer will arise from the NOW and whats around/inside us rather than from the past, or the future.

We want to peel the onion over and over and ask ourself questions from the most authentic, raw, pure and honest space. Beyond the stories. From our beingness.

Dark Light

Dark Light is not the absence of light. It is the purest light that has not been manifested yet into light in the manifested universe. It’s the blackest black, the empty space, the nothingness and everything. It is the ultimate darkness and has nothing to do with shadows. It is the absence of shadows! – You could even say it is the beginning of light, the uterus of light where all infinite potential and codes are accessible. It is the highest feminine power beyond the manifested universe. It is the Source.


As a human being we chose to descend from a spiritual form to a physical body.
It is not to descend to a lower place its the adoption of a different form. It is to live on this planet, in our bodies as human beings. A fully balanced human (intraterristial) is both descended and ascended at the same time. Together these energies create the divine action of a fulfilled and meaningful human life on earth.


We are the divine there is no separation therefore it is our awareness of this union. Therefore everyone and everything comes from Source.

Emotions V Feelings

Emotions originate in the primitive part of the brain. Emotions are innate and genetically determined as the result of evolution. They represent the body’s alarm and survival system. e.g fear from seeing a snake. They happen very fast even before conscious awareness. Emotions come from a nervous system response (sympathetic and parasympathetic).

Whereas feelings come from the frontal lobe of the brain. In other words, feelings result from abstract thinking. Feelings originate from our interpretation of events and sensations. They are the story our minds tell about the emotion or experience.


Energetic Body

Everything and everybody is pure ENERGY. Energy is meant to always move, ever change, flow and transform. Energy is a conductor and moves as electricity, like a battery, due to the two polarities of the plus and minus poles. Energy creates a magnetic field of an electrical circuit around all matter.

We witness how energy takes different forms, depending on whether it appears as a solid, liquid or gas, depending on the vibration of the energy.

We have our physical body, an electric body which extends beyond the physical and can be easily measured. Then the electro magnetic body which can be felt across the world allowing us to feel friends thousands of miles away.

Energy Masters

In Wholyland we are choosing to use ‘Energy Masters’ to describe our call to awaken leaders and our inner genius. We expand and walk a path to mastery, reactivating our DNA to reach our highest potential.

Mastery is not about perfection.
Energy Masters know life has its ups and downs. They know how to recover and experience the strong polarities of life. They willingly leave their comfort zone to find growth. Mastery then comes with practice and experience.

Energy Masters explore the universal laws of energy and work with them instead of against them.

They are aware the body is energy and Source is also energy. Therefore everyone is Source. Energy masters know themselves as Source.


Essence = source = your true self
Essence creates life.

Feminine & Masculine Essence

Feminine and Masculine essence are aspects of the manifested universe, everything that exists in the manifested has both attributes. Just like in electricity everything has a positive and negative pole and this causes flow and frequency.
Therefore nothing can be 100% masculine or feminine just like in the yin/yang symbol, there is always a spark of the other.
In reproduction the egg stands for the feminine and the sperm the masculine.
It is through the penetration of the masculine into the feminine which produces the life spark and life force. Penetration arises from the magnetism, the attraction between the masculine and feminine. New creation arises from this merger.


Freebration is the merger of freedom, frequency and vibration, which creates an amplified field.


A means to measure the vibratory nature of radiant energy such as sound, light, dark or even awareness.

Frequencies are neutral (not good or bad). They are vibrations of different faster or slower rates and speed.

There are different levels/planes of existence. For instance: physical, mental and spiritual. Each plane vibrates at different rates, and these vibrational differences are the only distinguishing factors between the planes.
Spiritual plane vibrates the fastest, lower material planes slowest – which explains why matter appears dense and solid.
This is a paradox because when we go deep inside matter there are very high frequencies.
Most frequencies are invisible to us. We cannot see spiritual frequencies, or the frequencies of the amino acids in our DNA.

Genetic Code

The Genetic code is the master code of creation itself. The evolutionary blueprint for life.
The human genome first described by Watson and Crick in the fifties is only a small part of the genetic code of creation.
The universal genetic code is the base of all manifested life, including plants, animals and invertebrates.
The expression of the genetic code for all life is dependent on the environment- epigenetic: Physical, mental, energetic, spiritual and cosmic.
Parts of the genetic code can be reactivated in humans by light, sound, symbols, such as thoughts, feelings, words and actions. This all happens in divine geometrical design.


The innate intelligence of all beings. True genius (opposed to intellectual genius) is a spontaneous, creative uniqueness rooted in unconditional love. It is not a condition of the mind but always there.

Our genius is the creative force within us. We as humans have the free will to unleash and manifest our genius in a divine nature. It’s taking back our power through conscious choice, a sense of responsibility and taking action that allows us to stand in our true genius.

As you ignite your genius, you can ignite others without giving anything away. Just like it costs nothing for one candle to light another and you are soon lighting a room.

Genius sleeps in rocks and stones
Awakens in plants and animals
And can become fully aware in humans….

Witnessing the divine order and beauty within a crystal or within nature can reactivate our genius.


Grounded is being embodied and connected to mother earth and her energetic field.
It is the connection between the human body and the earth which creates balance and harmony within us.
It’s surrendering to the gravitational forces of this planet.

Grounding – preferably out in nature walking bare foot upon the earth- allows healing and aids us to feel relaxed and present to the now.


Healing is letting go of resistance and allowing the presence of the divine in any form it presents and manifests without judgement, or assumptions.

Healing occurs to the level we consciously and subconsiously believe.

It is not a medical, cultural or moral condition that is fixed by others, it’s a natural sense of wholeness in union with the divine.


We all make judgements/opinions constantly. It’s owning own beliefs and allowing others to have their own. We are naturally mean making machines and its the meaning we place on a word that can be either discerning/truth or hurtful
Judgement is when you want to project and change someone else
What we term as ‘negative’ judgements are often a shadow.
Polarity: Nothing is black or white, light or dark. Everything contains both and all shades in between. Balance in what is right for you is important.


Leaderhood is where we stand in our sovereignty, uniqueness and power as leaders together in harmony.
We are all leaders in our own right. Together we co-create an amplified field where the impossible becomes reality.

Life Artist

We create our own life and reality like a painter creates art.
We are the artists of our own creation. We paint with our own unique brush, techniques, style and colours on the earth canvas.
On this huge canvas we are painting simultaneously in our own individual pixels as well as in communal and global areas. Every stroke has an impact on the whole canvas in every moment.
We take responsibility for what and how we are painting as every stroke has an effect. We choose the minerals from the Earth with which to create a colour and the nuances of a shade. This can be with toxic, or organic materials, it’s our choice.
As we work on our individual pixel, we create a ripple effect. As we step back and zoom out from our creation we can see a different perspective, a new image and its greater effect on the whole canvas. From a close perspective we may just see a red dot but as we step back we witness the unfolding of art. Nothing is created without a witness!

It is not whether you are a Life Artist, we all are. It’s about our conscious act of witnessing the creation and taking responsibility for it. We choose whether we are the victim and give the paint brush to another, or hold our own brush – our genius and power.

The Master Heart Temple is where we can all move our own brush and are inspired and supported in co-creation.

With every choice we make we change this painting.


Manifestation Line

The time frame line.
Wording is so important and a deadline, puts a negative energy out there, it brings pressure even if subconscious. Therefore we focus on what we want to manifest in a natural rhythm within a given timeline.


Mastery is the willingness to practice and take action to manifest what we want to experience.
Mastery is the trust in the ever expanding nature of our experiences, as we live in an infinite universe.
Mastery is not a goal or destination to (something). It is a journey rooted in the trust that we are everything. So we give and receive what we require in any moment.
In other words to be a master does not mean you have all your shit together 🙂


Polarity: Nothing is black or white, light or dark. Everything contains both and all shades in between. Balance in what is right for you is important.


Reactivation of DNA

Parts of the genetic code, the master code of creation itself can be reactivated, in humans by light, sound, symbols, such as thoughts, feelings, words and actions. This all happens in divine geometrical design.

Reactivation is embedded in the assumption that we have it all, we are it all and there is nothing lacking in any of us in our blueprint. The problem is that we have fallen asleep, forgot and been turned off through endless of programs running within and around us. The time has come to reactivate that blueprint – the codes in our DNA – that have been turned off for so long.

To reactivate our DNA codes we need to change our attitude.

DNA is like the captain on a ship. It relays on the information from the lookouts (membrane) and then gives the orders to the machinery workers in the inner mantle (cytoplasm) of the cell. The molecular switches in your cells tell the DNA which genes to switch on and off.

Schumann Resonance

“The earth and all life forms move according to a deep heartbeat known as the Schumann Resonance. This is a measurable pulse that underpins all organic life.
Most modern human beings live lives that are out of synchronisation with this organic pulse, which puts our bodies under stress and weakens our immune system. It also exerts a subtle influence over the way we behave in our daily lives, resulting in a worried, hurried lifestyle and a time-centric outlook rooted in an unconscious mistrust in the natural flow of life.”