Body Perspectives:
Health, Embodiment & Healing

118 Scientifically debunk masks, tests and jabs w. Dr Andrew Kaufman

Dr Andrew Kaufman blows the whistle and scientifically debunks masks, tests and jabs in this enlightening episode. He spells out in simple terms the tests and various study results and the implications. What do these tests really measure? Will the jabs be safe? Do masks protect? Get useful tips on how to keep relations harmonious and in coherence at these polarising times.

116 Embodied Coherence w. Rachael Talbot

Embodied Coherence – Discover how and why it’s important to connect with the whole of you with Rachael Talbot an expert in Network Spinal Analysis and Somatic Respiratory Integration. Rachael shares her journey from chemist to chiropractor to energy and body worker. She explains stress response, levels of healing and gives tips and strategies to release fear, stress and the importance of connecting with breath, your body and energy. What are the 12 stages of healing?

112 Use Quantum Physics to Freedom w. Mikael Säflund

Debunk scientism, destroy dogmas and shift your reality with quantum physics. Mikael Säflund, quantum physic and entrepreneur at Instant Transformation works with the power of consciousness and gives Pam an instant transformation of her pain. He shares about the 10 untrue dogmas of science that keep us enslaved. Three huge keys to freedom helps us realize who we are, where we come from and where we are going.

098 Navigate through the Tough Times w. Naia Louise

On Live the Impossible Show we are joined by Naia Louise an explorer and eternal student of this grand design of life. We chat about  how to bypass the spiritual bypass and navigate through the tough times with breath and awarenessssssss as she describes her many types of journeys and explorations. She shares her tips and strategies and takes us through a short breathwork practice for instant relief.

086 Acting as a Healing Tool w. Eva Ekengren

​We are joined by Eva Shana Ekengren a Swedish actress, director and meditator who shares how acting can be used as a powerful healing tool. She explains the paradox of how in the acting world the need to tap into your own emotions to enhance the part can cause feelings of shame and block emotional development for an actor.  We playfully explore how this can be transformed with authenticity, vulnerability and transparency to help you feel whole and more alive.

068 Sleep your way to achieve more w. Mag Secretario

​In this relaxing episode Pam and Oliver chat with Mag Secretario a sleep, energy expert and health coach on the importance of sleep, a slower pace and rest to perform your best. We discuss how gratitude has transformed our lives and how he wants the future to look. This includes tai chi and chi gong to raise energy and improve health and wellbeing on all levels.

069 Sleep Tight and Don’t Let the Bugs Bite

Sleep sleep sleep we need sleep so sleep tight and don’t let the bugs bite. We chat about the importance of sleep and how to improve your sleep, the effects of sleep deprivation and shift work. We torture you with information on why you better sleep and have better sleep.

052 The Power of Laughter w. Chamundai

​Laughter is the best medicine, yet most of us take life way too seriously.  Discover how to laugh without the need for a joke or a comedian and boost your oxytocin – your feel good hormone with Chamundai the Laughter Lawyer. Hear how she went from a serious lawyer to starting laughter clubs in Australia and knowing the power of laughter to open your heart to connect us. Essential right now when hugging is limited and we need more happiness than ever. 

053 The Power of Crying

​Cry Cry Cry! As good as laughter to make you feel good. Discover how crying is a powerful tool to make you beautiful, healthy and relaxed!
We chat about our experiences of allowing our tears to flow and what happens when we do and don’t. What are your cultural and social beliefs about crying? Are they healthy? 

047 Sh*t load of Gut Feeling

​When your gut feels like shit listen to this.  We deep dive into the shit of not having a healthy gut and being unable to read the intuitive signals from you gut brain. What is the gut brain and how does it work? What can we do to keep it healthy and stay connected to it?  We share some answers and ideas on what you can do with your diet and get rid of the bad boys!

046 Healthy Inside Out w. Alison Stockton

​Alison Stockton is a multi-passionate health and wellness advocate with a 20 some year career in helping women achieve ultimate health internally and externally. Susana and Oliver talks to her about living vibrantly and healthy. She shares her story and how she is living the impossible as well as the importance of a healthy gut.

039 Get Fired Up about Water

​Today we get fired up about water as we dive into pollution and information overload and why humanity is so f*cked up inside and out and what we can do about it. We chat about the importance of passion – Do you know what you want? We are not talking about the Ferrari or Jimmy Choo’s! Why don’t we know what we want? What the heck has this to do with water and fire?

038 The Power of Embodiment w. Ullis Karlsson

​In this episode we dive deep into the power of embodiment and body intelligence. Ullis Karlsson shares her story of going from deep depression and anxiety into her awakening journey starting in a Swedish snowy forest. After discovering yoga she followed the breadcrumbs into developing her personal feminine yoga practice and courses as an entrepreneur. Ullis shares her secret of how to manifest the impossible. We also chat about us all being leaders, the feminine and masculine powers and what it takes to feel fully alive.

035 Food and supplement tips

​How do you reign in 3 passionate health experts around the topic of food and supplements? We enthusiastically share our best tip, tricks and knowledge about nutrition, our immune system, the benefits of organic foods and becoming an instant label reader. We talk about healthy fats, our top supplement tips including vitamin D, magnesium and Omega 3, as well as the importance of listening to your body.  We really need to come back with another episode or several on this subject!!

034 Corona Virus Immune Boost Tips w. Pam Sherman

In this episode Pam and Susana chat with Pam Sherman the Perfect Balance Guru on the importance of self care, exercise, eating nutritious living food and good fats. These all essentials at any time to boost your immune system and optimise health, but particularly important right now as we experience Covid-19.  We also share tips for medical professionals to stay healthy and energised at this time as they deal with the Corona virus.

031 Body image & Identity

​Who are we? Who am I? Who are you? So much of who we are is tied up in how we look and the labels we put on ourselves and others. Why is this?  We chat about the importance we give to hair and the different shades of looking good. We reflect on where our beliefs and judgements come from and priorities not just our own but also societies.

028 How Curiosity saved the Celebrity w. Janique Svedberg

​Janique Svedberg, the rock n´roll Coconut celebrity, shares her heartfelt story with Susana and Oliver in this empowering episode. We dive deep into different types of addictions, the reasons and signs of addiction and abuse and what we can do to turn it around. We discuss how sex addictions and drug abuse is more common amongst young people today and how to have good relationships. She shares her keys to sobriety where curiosity, self love and boundaries are crucial, and tips for how to transform destructive behaviours for anyone who is interested in an exciting life and a thriving future.  

011 Practice Alignment & Come Home

​Pam will guide you through a practice and visualisation on connecting with your vertical core to align,  feel safe and to increase intimacy.  Susana and Pam, as Art of Feminine Presence teachers, discuss the benefits of practicing alignment, stillness and curiosity. Along with how this can support your relationships and communication in your every day life, especially in times of stress and overwhelm.

166: Is surviving the spike proteins an inside job? w. Ole Dammegard

Is surviving the spike proteins an inside job or is it a divide and conquer scam? With Ole Dammegard: Truth Seeker, Code Breaker and Peacemaker. Ole shares experiences of what happens when you surrender into the inner zone of being.  We discuss spike proteins, magnetic arms and links to AI.  What does the future hold? Are the vaxxed dangerous for the unvaxxed? Can peace conquer all? Can the vax create zombies? What does the pineal gland have to do with this? How can we be inspired by Gandhi and other gurus?

170 Magnetism, Shedding and Connection w. Dr. Christiane Northrup

Magnetism, Shedding and Connection with Christiane Northrup M.D a pioneer in women’s health and anti vaccine advocate. We chat about the strange goings on with the graphite particles in all things Covid. The great work some of her colleagues are doing to bring awareness of the true science. Is it dangerous to be around those vaccinated? How can we be safe around those who are shedding? How and why are people brain washed?  What does the future bring and what is the best we can do? What are we not seeing, or don’t want to see?