Freedom and Sovereignty

The Greater Reset

The Greater Reset was a 6 day summit set up as a response and an alternative to the Great Reset Summit in Davos Switzerland run by the United Nations where they laid out the grand plan for 2030 in which they want a one world goverment and for us all to be slaves of the state.
The Greater Reset looks at ways we can become sovereign and free and contains many fabulous interviews on a range of topics including health, finance, permaculture, action groups and more.  Find out more here.

Learn to Live Sovereign

Sebastian a Swedish Sovereign travels on common law cour license plates.

Live the impossible show interviewers, Tora Zophia Silverhøj and Pam Lob, visit Wholyland member Solrun at Ljósvarpið.
The three of them chat about New Earth Energies, Health issues, Shift on the Planet and the crumbling of the old.

Sovereign wo/men from around the world meet to speak about the deeper aspects of what it means to be Sovereign. OPPT, Quantum Grammar or any other way to create freedom documents all end up at the same goal – a better world….

Happy Halloween. This year it’s extra special as its also a rare blue moon and its been 76 years since this combination last occurred. We discussed this energy alongside our Moon theme of ‘Freedom’ on this our first Full Moon Webinar. 

This is usually for silver members only but as its our first Full Moon Theme we have decided to share with everyone.

Sovereignty, what does it mean?
We are born into a system we believe we know, however, there is a system behind the system that rules every move of our lives. What is this system and how do I act in this system? You are entered into this system via your Birth Certificate by your parents and that makes you the property of the government for the rest of your life.

Welcome to the first Wholyland Webinar to celebrate the new moon and the theme of Freedom
As the council came together events took an unexpected turn and we decided to share with you what unfolded so you also can benefit from the clearing we did for one of our colleagues and all of us. This is us in our rawness.

The Tiny Dot

A great little animation by Larken Rose explaining government against the masses.


Foster Gamble, Co-creator, THRIVE movies and movement

Where the Real Sickness Lies – And How We Can Heal It


“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, People will eventually come to believe it.”

~Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Nazi Minister of Propaganda

Billions of people seem to be paralyzed by confusion, fear and helplessness.

We’re hearing in the mainstream media that the predicted second wave is here and that record case numbers are being reported. Europe is shutting down again. Joe Biden is touting national mask mandates and more lockdowns. Mainstream media is avoiding any discussion of contrary evidence to their narrative, alternate opinions from experts who disagree, or acknowledgment of Sweden, South Dakota, Russia, and others, who didn’t do lockdowns, and were apparently better off for it.

Mainstream media tells us to resist conspiracy theories and that good people obey, while the number of supposed cases, our economy, our relations and our options just keep getting worse. But what if the media is itself an arm of a very real and dangerous conspiracy they are telling us to avoid? Whether or not we trust these mainstream sources is at the heart of the great divide we are experiencing. Even a cursory look at who pays for the ads on mainstream news unveils a bias to support pharmaceutical interests. This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Read more…


“Who Deserves Your Trust in the COVID Debate?” An essay by Stacey Rudin is recited in this episode of the Very Opinionated Show.

You can support the corporate takeover of our society. Or you can support truth in science, and protect our future. It is your choice. Make it wisely.

Claim your Sovereign Status

​Are you truly free? Today we claim our freedom as sovereign beings as we discuss how the state takes ownership of us shortly after birth and how we can free ourselves. In the time of increased censorship and removed freedom of speech more people are waking up to what’s going on and the lack of transparency behind the closed doors of the state.


​Pam, Oliver and Susana go down the rabbit hole into what freedom means for each of us and how our personal freedom is being effected by the current lockdowns and the fears around Corona virus that are leading to hasty laws around vaccination and freedom of speech. 
We speak on how we feel free within and maintain this state and the opportunities this situation brings for the future, if we choose creativity and follow our passions to lead our  own life. 

096 Hidden Secrets to Freedom Revealed W. :Henrik-Kromann: Jensen. 

On todays Live the Impossible Show our minds are blown by how we have been hood winked for centuries and our sovereign liberties hidden from us. Henrik shares his discoveries and knowledge on how our language has been distorted, original meaning lost and how by using Quantum grammar we can reclaim our freedom. He reveals secrets and shares tips on how to claim your freedom and sovereignty.  

101 Time to choose Slave or free? 

On Live the Impossible Show we passionately express the urgency of making a choice to take action to stay enslaved or claim your freedom. You have a conscious choice to make. Are you willing to co-create the new future or you going to stay with your head in the sand? We share our reflections and visions of what is going on right now and why it’s a crucial time to break free. 

103 Oppose the Narratives to be Whole 

Question, question, question and oppose – why this is vital and essential to be ‘whole’. As the covid narrative is being pushed questioning is what will set us free. We rant on why we can no longer trust (should we have ever trusted!) what we see, read and hear from any external source. We explore about a whole new way of being empowered and sovereign. In other words we declutter the old to be ‘whole’. 

104 Freedom Calls! Are You Answering? w. :Anjaliva.©, :Poul: Thomsen.© & :Henrik-Kromann.© 

We open the doors to our FREEDOM theme with first hand knowledge of breaking free from the state slave systems with former Navy Officer :Anjaliva., former Army Major :Poul. & former software engineer :Henrik., who all are National Sovereign Living Beings. We get practical information and knowledge from their experiences and how we can start to live as free beings. We chat about the challenges and actual ‘laws’ and rules that limit our freedom and sovereignty and the remedies we can apply in our everyday lives. Are you questioning what you see and hear on a daily basis? Do you buy into the present media and government narrative? What does your intuition say? .

105 Clear out your inner shit of understanding to Innerstand Freedom 

Clear out your inner shit of understanding to Innerstand Freedom! We dive deep into inner and outer water as we explore pollution and to clear our inner strength, energy and freedom. This includes the overload of information and thousands of years of programs to keep us submissive. To be whole and free all levels of our body, mind, emotions and soul benefits from detox. Do you innerstand? 

106 Enlightenment – The Time is Now w. Sacha Stone 

“Is the deer crossing the road, or is the road cutting through the forest?” In this iconic episode Sacha Stone shares his embodied wisdom of the present circumstances, what led to them and what’s to come. We stand on the line in the sand! Which timeline do you choose? 

It’s time for stillness within and action without.  To not judge but to witness with curiosity and compassion.  To not consent to any violation to our sovereign living being. The time is NOW! 

107 How to Stand Beyond the State for 13+ years? w. “Private Per” 

Our undercover guest ‘Per’, has been on the Sovereign journey for 13+ years. Here, for the first time ‘Per’ agrees to share his experiences publicly on the condition of anonymity. Get his tips and tricks on how to lawfully deal with the state, doctors, police, court systems, the tax man and ALL the letters in your mailbox. How can you say no to the smart meter in a smart way? How can you reply to questions from ‘authorities’? And why are governments fraudulent? This is your ticket to freedom – if you apply the knowledge… 

108 We already made it. Whats next? w. Lorie Ladd 

Ascension teacher and multidimensional channel Lorie Ladd, shares the powerful message: We already made the big shift. Now the questions are: Why don’t we see it? Why is the world in extremes? Where are we heading? How will the new be embodied? Close your eyes and tune in to receive the energetic transmissions and transformations in this epic episode. 

109 Angels and Demons – the many ways we are being Censored w. Michael Oddane 

Angels and Demons are all around us and more visible now than ever. With Michael Oddane from Wake Up Globe we dive deep into the spiritual and more wholistic aspects of the present chaos. We go from dark to light, aliens to the mundane and the distant past to the future. Michael shares his personal experiences of being censored and targeted in mysterious ways, including spiritual attacks. Learn the many ways we are being censored and experience it happening in this episode. 

110 True meaning of Apocalypse w. Sema Simone 

Apocalypse is it evil or is it “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities”? As we go deep with Sema Simone the Black Sheep podcaster we look at our fears, inner programs and wounded masculine. How will we navigate if and when the apocalyptic plasma event occurs? 

We even attracted an unexpected real life event to actualise what we talk about! 

111 Spirituality, Good Governance & Politics w. The World United Event Europe 

The annual world united event address´ the importance of having spirituality come into governance and politics – to be able to change the world. Tora is part of the panel which speaks about good governance and politics in different ways together with spiritual aspects. Mr. Ng chat about falun dafa and the prosecutions in China. Tora brings in the topic of Sovereignty and Freedom. Sophia speaks about what we can learn from children. Louise about changing our perception of our emotions. As spiritual beings we can change the world! 

112 Use Quantum Physics to Freedom w. Mikael Säflund 

Debunk scientism, destroy dogmas and shift your reality with quantum physics. Mikael Säflund, quantum physic and entrepreneur at Instant Transformation works with the power of consciousness and gives Pam an instant transformation of her pain. He shares about the 10 untrue dogmas of science that keep us enslaved. Three huge keys to freedom helps us realize who we are, where we come from and where we are going. 

113 Are we at the breaking point? w. David Icke 

Are we at the breaking point? David Icke is in the house and elaborates on the plandemic which he forecasted last year in his new book ‘The Answer’. From his 30 years of experience and extensive research he connects the dots on the finance system, World Economic Forum, viccane and cioved, climate change hoax and the draconian agenda. Are you ready to own nothing and rent your life from the (deep) state?  What is programming doing to your subconscious? Hear what we can do to break free! 

114: Beat the System on its Own Terms w. Cal Washington 

From construction worker and a divorce to learning about sovereignty, freedom, law, corporations and beating the system on its own terms Cal Washington is changing the world for the better. He has learnt the rules of the system and is playing them better than they are. Cal shares his amazing story and gives tips on what to do to stop things such as smart meter installations. How do we let go of the fear and stand in our power? What type of letters will make the system leave you alone? 

115: Fear or Freedom w. Wholyland Council 

We round up the theme of Freedom with practical steps from the Wholyland Council with a beautiful sound healing meditation and what we each do to overcome fear and step into our freedom. How do you embrace change and the breaking down of structures that you thought were there to support you, but no longer are?   

150 Who is behind the unhidden doors? w. David Icke

David Icke the world known English conspiracy theorist and author is back in the house for our 150th episode to reveal who is behind the unhidden doors. We open the door into the matrix and outline the consciousness of todays ‘real life’ Mr Smith and his handlers. Why do they want to ‘build back better’? Why was Trump a success for the cabal? Why are the whites, Christianity and Royals targeted big time in the west? What is the role of Meghan Markle? What has happened to our police? What does David do next?

154 The Mystery of Freedom and Rights w. Wendy Smith

Former Paralympian, trauma specialist & author Wendy Smith shares about the mystery of freedom and rights. Wendy brings us on her journey from a motorcycle accident, her shifts in believes that led to her being part of the Olympics.  
We wonder and wind around vaccines, indoctrination, headucation, pollution, love, water, strawman, sovereign and freedom journey. How do we come back to our power? What does the word government really mean? How do you clean water?

155 The mystery of corrupt systems w. :Sebastian.

:Sebastian, a free spirit, rebel and pilot shares about the mystery of corrupt systems. Sebastian discovered the fraudulent system whilst flying. This brought him down the rabbit hole to learn about all the tricks and traps that keep us enslaved. He shares a lot of his experiences and stories from breaking free to live as a sovereign. Why are we at war? Where are we going? How is water corrupted? How are we brain washed?

159 Hold on or dare to let go w. Sacha Stone

Hold on or dare to let go of the spells of delusions with the freedom, sovereignty and human rights activist Sacha Stone. Are you one who will sink as the ship goes down or will you swim to be part of the new consciousness of middle earth? We chat about the tight illuminati grip of the Nordic countries, spells casts and the switch of power throughout world history. What happened to the Hollywood fairy tale? What will occur in the next few years? What will become of fiat currency, crypto and big businesses? What can the sovereignty movement teach us? What will we need to do with governments?

160 The Esoteric Approach to Exit the Matrix w. kenneth scott

The Esoteric Approach to Exit the Matrix with Kenneth Scott (AKA Ken Cousens) co-founder of  PanTerra D’Oro. A Private Society and Private Contract Association. A deep and meaningful conversation into the various types of laws, tricks and traps of the mainstream approach to sovereignty. He describes the parasitic nature and mirroring of the controlling part of the matrix.
What is the esoteric view on commerce? What is your strawman and how does it relate to usufruct? Are you a mariner, a merchant or property? What is UCC and where does it come from? How can you rescind contracts and signatures?

163 Steps to Wholistic Solvent Sovereignty w. kenneth scott

Practical Steps to Wholistic Solvent Sovereignty with kenneth scott (AKA Ken Cousens) Co founder of PanTerra D’Oro Private Society and Private Contract Association. Ken describes common law and its history, canon law, ecclesiastic law, commercial law, martial law and different jurisdictions. He walks us through the history of the money system, the importance of solvency and the true value financial system of the near future.
How do we give our consent and contract without knowing? Why are we obliged to reincarnate? Is Nesara a way out? Who is King David and the House of Solomon and why is it relevant today? How does the bible fit into law and politics?

168 Is a World Passport Right for You? w. David Gallup

Is a World Passport Right for You? David Gallup a specialist in human rights, world citizenship, world law education and President of the World Service Authority.

David shares how the world passport came to be and the incredible vision of Garry Davis to have a world of peace, equality and freedom of movement. How can we create a governing system which supports the people of the world?  How do you use the world passport? How to become a world citizen? Who are you? Do you still need visas?

169 Illuminati whistle blower Leo Lyon Zagami

Leo Lyon Zagami, writer, researcher and Illuminati whistle blower shares about his illustrious connections to European Royalty. What he learnt as a Free mason and in other secret societies and the price he has paid for spilling the beans. He talks about the loss of a friend in the Norwegian Freedom Movement who died under suspicious circumstances and persecution in Italy. Is depopulation part of the Deep State agenda? Is socialism destroying Europe? Should Americans keep their guns? Are the secret societies practising Satanism?