Moonly Energy Forcast

Energy Update April/May Moon cycle

Last moon cycle I wrote about explosive events happening. Volcanos erupting and death that comes with it. Looking back, that is literally what have happened.

The division and extreme polarites are still very active, yet there is a new nuance that arise. The flavor of the immature child who – out of it´s own insecurity – feel the need to bully and trash others. The part who want to almost revenge those who do not feel and think the same. This immature masculine trait (that exist in both men and women), that do not know what to do with its own pain and find it easier to release it by projecting it onto others.

  • The detox continues.
  • The tension increases.
  • Freak out energies explodes.

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Energy Update for the March/April Moon Cycle

We enter a new level of crazy that most of us have never seen before in our lifetime. We reach a peak or a tipping point that will affect the future forever.

Keywords for this moon cycle

  • Point of no return
  • Division and extreme polarites
  • Death
  • Explosive surprises
  • Spring clean
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