The Gene Keys

We all have aspects of ourselves we want to hide from others. However the more we try and hide these aspects the more they leak out and are visible to others.  These shadows once acknowledged and accepted can contain our greatest genius.

The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd

Are an excellent way to explore your shadow, genius and wisdom

Find the wisdom inside of yourself through contemplation, inquiry, patience and gentleness

The Gene Keys a code based on the ancient I Ching and Human Design. It describes all human states of consciousness, from deep fear based patterns to the most awe-inspiring possibilities in our DNA. 

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Entering the New Epoch by Richard Rudd
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Venus Origins by Richard Rudd 
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Transforming Loneliness

Richard Rudd describes how loneliness can be an invitation to reconnect with our hearts through opening up many little new relationships in our lives – with plants, animals, people and experiences. This then begins to melt the walls of our loneliness and expands into the very opposite of loneliness – Joyous Unity, our most natural inner state.

Transforming Depression

Richard Rudd shares a simple insight for anyone who suffers from depression. Looking deeply into nature as a source of light, he invites us to fan the flames of this light on a daily basis, deep within our being. By then following even the smallest creative impulses that arise, we can release this light into our lives and begin a steady transformation back towards wholeness.

Transforming overwhelm

Richard Rudd shares a powerful and very simple technique for anyone who feels overwhelmed by life, whether momentarily or habitually. With compassion and precision he invites us to use the state of overwhelm itself as a means to create spaces and pauses in our daily life. Using this technique each day can transform your entire life from being a terrible burden into a playful adventure.

Transforming Impatience

‘The impatient person is one who does not trust in the flow of life’ – from this insight, Richard Rudd shows how to use impatience as a means to cultivate deep love and trust in the perfection of the unfolding of our lives. Accessible and highly relevant to all human beings.

Transforming Conflict

‘It only takes one person to end a conflict’. This is a beautiful insight for anyone caught up in any kind of human conflict. Richard Rudd shows how conflict itself is a launch-pad to creating deeper harmony in ourselves and in our relationships. By teaching us the art of empathy and diplomacy, conflict hones our self love until our actions and words ring out with the power of our authentic self.

Transforming Betrayal

Richard Rudd invites us to consider the possibility that betrayal can be a powerful journey to one day discover a state of extraordinary transcendence and Grace. Citing stories of great forgiveness, he invites us to feel deeply into our hearts and to find self forgiveness, whether you are the betrayer or the betrayed.

Transforming Mediocrity

‘Mediocrity is when you realise you are capable of so much more in life’. From this insight, Richard Rudd invites us to begin to reclaim the beauty and hope that we once had as a young child. By giving ourselves permission to feel what is possible for us on the inside, so we find a new way in our lives and open up to the exquisiteness of who we truly are.

Seed of the Present

Every precious moment is a seed of the future.
Richard captures the vital importance of the present moment as the seed for understanding karma and transforming it. Here the present is viewed as a precious gift not to squander, but to tend with great sensitivity and care.

Easy is Right

In playful mood, Richard explores the immortal epigram of Chinese sage Chuang Tzu – easy is right. On closer examination, we see that such seemingly simple truths contain layers of subtlety that we can only unlock through living wisdom.

The 6 stages of Transformation in Self, Relationships and Community

Richard Rudd outlines the 6 archetypal stages of inner transformation as they apply to all beings and systems, regardless of scale. No matter who you are or what kind of challenges you are facing in life, this applies to you!