Contemplation Questions 

What is Contemplation? 

Contemplation is the balance between concentration/reflection (effort) and meditation (no effort) to bring about an increased awareness and clarity.

It is a time where we tune into the subconscious and allow questions to arise.
This can be sitting in silence, walking mindfully, in the shower, or as we awaken.
It is more about witnessing the questions than waiting for the answer. The focus is on the inquiry. Questions do not need to be rational, it’s about curiosity.

The deeper we dig into the questions, the more the essence becomes clear and the answers unfold effortlessly.

Contemplation also allows us to absorb, digest, integrate and embody what is here NOW. The answer will arise from the NOW and whats around/inside us rather than from the past, or the future.

We want to peel the onion over and over and ask our self questions from the most authentic, raw, pure and honest space. Beyond the stories. From our beingness.

Contemplation Questions


My-Story & Mystery

Is your story aligned with who you really are – or who you thought you were?

How does your story hold you back?

How does Mystery xpress itself in your life?


Where in history do you see the feminine being oppressed?

What does her-story and mean to you?

What are the feminine essences within you?


What have you learnt at school that has now totally changed?

Why did you stop asking the WHY question?

Where is His-story not your story?


What are you tolerating and why?

Where in your life are you not free?

Why do you continue being stuck?


What does coherence mean to you?

How do you practice heart coherence in your daily life?

What are the triggers that put you out of coherence?


New Beginnings

Are you open to exploring new ways of living?

Where does your subconscious naturally focus: fear/worry/comfort/normality/excitement?

Do you like to plan and have goals for the year set, or are you happy to trust and see what unfolds?