Health and Vitality

“Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.” Anne Wilson Schaef

Making Yourself & Your Health a Priority Every Day!

by Pam Lob

Do you remember the last time you got sick? Or injured?

It was awful. Lots of sleep, lots of bland foods, lots of laying around waiting to heal or feel better.

At those times, we fervently want our health back. We vow we will take better care of ourselves and our health. We cannot wait to get up and get moving!  Read more …

Thriving in Tough Times

by Pete Warnock

Blessings, in what is turning out to be a crazy year! Now, more than any other time in my life I am seeing the need for everyone to take massive action in their self-care, self-nurture, and self-love on every level – body, mind, energy, and soul. And what an incredible opportunity to stop and take stock of what our life is about and what drives us.

Learning to support your lung health, transform fear and anxiety and nurture and strengthen your body, emotions, mind and soul is my field of fascination and expertise.

Below are some of the keys that I use to enjoy vibrant health and deep inner peace: Read more 

My Top 15 Tips for increased health, vitality and energy

by Tora Zophia Silverhoj

There are a lot of things we can do to enhance our health and get in the flow of life that doesn’t cost a fortune. I have created a little list of my top tips to a Flow Life where the cost ranges from free to a bit into the expensive end. So pick and choose what resonates with you and your budget.  Read more…

Personalised Health – Body Types

Personalised health or wholistic health recognises that each one of us is unique. Therefore there is no one way to health but billions. What each of us need for optimal health and wellbeing is dependent on many factors. Our body and mind types, our environment in the broadest sense and our interactions with others.

When you know what your unique body and mind type is and requires to thrive, it is much easier to give in what it needs for ultimate health and wellbeing. To even help turn back the biological clock.

Autonomic Nervous System

Information about the autonomous nervous system, the sympathetic pathway and the importance of the Vagal nerve in survival. Why it is so important for our wellbeing and what it has to do with freedom. We talk about how it relates to the eastern perspective of of body-mind-spirit and how this knowledge reduces stored stress so we are free in all areas of life

Autonomic Nervous System Part 2

In this second part of ANS Beate and Ullis dig deeper into the importance of getting to know your own nervous system. We are talking about outer stress and triggers and inner reactions and responses. And how we always have a choice and a responsibility for our own happiness and freedom. We talk about a polar bear and that we have much to learn from him. How to come back to a healthy rhythm after stress. What on earth does the polar bears have to with being free? Check this video out and you will find out 😉

A Broad Perspective of Science

Pam and Beate discuss a broad perspective of science.
How science has been fraudulently used to keep us trapped in the matrix. How we are trapped and tricked by our scientific training.
Why scientists prefer qualitative rather than quantitative data.
What can we do to move into a wholistic approach.