Word Perspective

Words are a major part of our lives. They are how we communicate to ourselves and others in the spoken (whether just in our heads or spoken out loud) and in written form. They have amazing power and literally have the abiliy to help us thrive or are even capble of killing us.  Many words have been hijacked and/or have become mirrored and this can have a negative effect on our being and plays a part in us being stuck in the matrix.

A group of us looks at how much is assumed and presumed when it comes to the words we speak and the words we hear.

What spells are words holding over us?

Whats the difference between written and spoken word?


Body Perspective

Pam and Henrik chat about the power of words on our body and how they can help or hinder healing and the ability to thrive.

Mind Perspective

Karen and Tora spell your mind with words laughing

Emotion Perspective

Pam and Oliver share the Chinese whisper of communicating emotions through words. How do we, unwillingly, trigger each other with what we say and what can we do about it?

Heart Perspective

Beate and Pam share from their hearts how a word can kill and how a word can heal! 

Divine Perspective

Henrik and Tora chat about the hijacking and deceptions of religious words, the bible and mirror effect of God.

Nature Perspective

Tora and Beate start with how the natural tones are suppressed and end up yodeling.

Vibration Perspective

Words are like sound they have their own vibration and can be turned up or turned down like a radio.

Grid Perspective

Tora and Beate talk about the way grids shape our words and how the word shape grids. They find words to describe what cannot be spoken.

Here is a link to the video mentioned…

Bruce Lee Be As Water My Friend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJMwBwFj5nQ


Space Perspective

Henrik and Beate talk about news dimension of space in words. We talk about Chicago manual of styles and its hidden impact on all written 

Time Perspective

Words and Time keeping are two of the big hijacks of our free living system. How can we use our time perspective to claim freedom with the words we use that set us on our path?

Word Perspective

Pam and Tora take a look at the hijack and mirroring of words. Why meanings are being changed and have a laugh around how often we use words with negative meaning from a quantum grammar perspective.

Finance and Business Perspective

AI and Technology Perspective

Are we being taken over by robots? Where can words benefit our interaction with A.I.? Is A.I. conscious about what it says to you? What does the future look like?